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Greece & Grexit Speakers

The crisis in Greece and the possible exit from the Eurozone has implications throughout Europe and across the world. This was a crisis in politics as well as in economics and finance. With the departure of Yanis Varoufakis and the re-election of Alexis Tsipras with an unexpectedly large majority for Syriza, Greece entered a new chapter. And this whilst the nation also deals with the migrant tragedy on its eastern islands. Specialist Grexit Speakers offer perspectives from many different opposing political and economic positions – just a few of these speakers are shown below. Contact us for any relevant speaker – in any language.

Kenneth Clarke Profile image

Kenneth Clarke

Former Minister for Health, Trade & Industry, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Shadow Business Secretary. One of the most experienced figures in British politics. ...

George Cooper Profile image

George Cooper

The author of The Origin of Financial Crises and Money, Blood & Revolution. Cooper explains how and why the very ‘science of Economics’ is wrong....

Louise Cooper Profile image

Louise Cooper

Passionate, animated, knowledgeable and highly regarded for her informed, lively and brilliant analysis of economics and financial markets....

Frances Coppola Profile image

Frances Coppola

Prolific writer and speaker on economics, finance and monetary policy. Formerly with Nat West, RBS and SBC Warburg, now a highly regarded commentator, and expert on finance and risk. Co-founder of and contributer to Bloomberg, BBC, FT. ...

Liam Fox Profile image

Liam Fox

As Secretary of State for Defence, directed the UK’s NATO intervention role in Libya and negotiated the UK-France Defence Co-operation Treaty....

Rebecca Harding Profile image

Rebecca Harding

Leading researcher, economist, co-founder and CEO of Equant Analytics. Formerly Chief Economist at the British Bankers Association....

Stephanie Hare Profile image

Dr Stephanie Hare

Expert in political and economic trends within Western Europe. Authored ‘The Democratic Legitimacy of Euro-Area Bailouts’ and ‘Social Investment: The EU ”Gold Standard” and the Key to Future Prosperity’....

Anatole Kaletsky Profile image

Anatole Kaletsky

Anatole Kaletsky is one of the country's leading commentators on economics, he was formerly Economics Editor and is now Editor-at-large of The Times and writes for The Times Comment pages on Thursdays. He has won many awards for his financial and pol...

Graeme Leach Profile image

Graeme Leach

Former Chief Economist of the Institute of Directors and currently CEO & Chief Economist of Macronomics....

David Madden Profile image

David Madden

Sir David Madden's career has included leading negotiations on a Cyprus settlement and EU accession. As British Ambassador to Greece 1999-2004, he helped the Greek government achieve a break-through against the 17 November terrorist movement after th...

Thanos Papasavvas Profile image

Thanos Papasavvas

London-based economist and investor specialising in currencies and investment across Europe and the Eurozone....

Jack Straw Profile image

Jack Straw

Served in senior Cabinet positions from 1997 to 2010 and took a leading part in momentous political decisions in national and international politics....

Adair Turner Profile image

Adair Turner

Adair Turner (Lord Turner) was Chairman of the Financial Services Authority, the regulatory body which oversaw the financial services industry in the UK until its abolition in March 2013. He is also Chairman of the UK Government's Climate Change Comm...

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