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Alex 'Frenchie' Duncan

Recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross, he has piloted Chinook helicopters in over 1,

Dame 'Steve' Shirley

Pioneer of British information technology and prolific philanthropist.

David Aaronovitch

Orwell Prize-winning journalist, author and long-running columnist for The Times.

Marianne Abib-Pech

Author of The Financial Times Guide to Leadership and an expert on venture capita

Maggie Aderin-Pocock

One of Britain's best known space scientists. An inventor, tinkerer and the co-presenter o

Katie Adie

Legendary Chief News Correspondent for BBC, renowned for her reporting of major wars inclu

Andrew Adonis

Lord Andrew Adonis is a politician and former journalist who held several key roles in gov

Aaqil Ahmed

BBC Head of Religion and Ethics. He has an outstanding record in promoting public debate o

Samira Ahmed

Multi-lingual journalist, broadcaster and documentary maker in the fields of culture, poli

Jim Al-Khalili

Theoretical physicist and broadcaster and prolific science writer who has worked with the

Chemmy Alcott

As Britain’s Number 1 female alpine skier, Chemmy Alcott is the golden girl of British w

Danny Alexander

Former Chief Secretary to the Treasury and Liberal Democrat politician, responsible for ma

James Alexander

Co-founder of Zopa, the world's oldest peer-to-peer lending service and the largest compan

Lucy Alexander

Newsreader, journalist and host. A consummate professional.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Journalist and author writing for the Independent, Evening standard. A Shia Muslim, often

Christiane Amanpour

CNN's chief correspondent and the host of the nightly global affairs interview program Ama

Clive Anderson

Barrister turned comedian Clive Anderson made his mark on British television as the modera

Alexander Armstrong

Comedian, actor, broadcaster and brilliantly witty, accomplished and highly experienced aw

Charles Arthur

Author of “Digital Wars: Apple, Google, Microsoft and the battle for the internet”, a

Gerald Ashley

Risk and behaviour expert who learnt his craft in the international banking sector.

James Averdieck

James Averdieck is an entrepreneur and the founder of Gü, a pudding maker that he sold in

Richard Bacon

Broadcaster, journalist and author, a man renowned for his highly entertaining, often chee

Helen Bailey

Ambassador of a new collaborative approach to leadership, Helen offers an individual mix o

Ed Balls

With 20 years’ experience of government and politics, from Treasury to celebrity dancer!

Scott Baptie

Expert in the field of sports performance, fitness and nutrition.

Jessica Barker

Dr Jessica Barker specialises in the human side of contemporary cyber security and the ris

Emma Barnett

Award-winning journalist, broadcaster, documentary maker, columnist for The Sunday Times a

Sarah Begum

Sarah is an investigative, anthropological journalist inspired to travel the world and hig

Maxim Behar

leading Public Relations expert, Founder, Chief Executive of M3 Communications Group, Inc.

George Berkowski

George Berkowski is a qualified rocket scientist and builder of break through app-based bu

Tim Berners-Lee

Revolutionised the the world through the creation of the world wide web. He is also a key

Mary Berry

Cookery writer, broadcaster and bone fide Queen of Cakes.

Dr Bertalan Mesko

A medical futurist and self confessed geek, Bertalan is passionate about improving healthc

Tom Bieling

Design researcher, author and consultant, developing research and teaching projects in the

James Bilefield

A serial digital entrepreneur, who quit his investment banking day job to build a unique s

Simon Biltcliffe

Founder of Webmart, shaped the business around his personal ethos that Marxism and Capital

Sue Black

A radical thinker, social entrepreneur and one of the leading tech personalities in Europe

Adam Boulton

Influential British political broadcaster, worked at Sky News as Political Editor until st

Caprice Bourret

Former globally famous supermodel and actress, once voted World's sexiest woman now succes

Jeremy Bowen

Sony Gold Award-winning Journalist, BBC reporter and war correspondent with extensive Midd

Dave Brailsford

The inspirational coach of one of the most strikingly successful teams in Olympic annals.

Prof. Brendan Walker

Science and engineering broadcaster, educator and the world's foremost (and perhaps only)

Fiona Bruce

BBC journalist and newsreader who has presented, hosted and reported programmes as diverse

Rob Brydon

BAFTA award winning Welsh comedian, writer and actor.

Sophia Cannon

Internationally recognised advocate and voice for the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Amy Carroll

Delivers leadership, communication and effectiveness training for multinationals, drawing

Natalie Ceeney CBE

Three times CEO with a wealth of leadership experience. As CEO of The Financial Ombudsman,

Rory Cellan Jones

Rory Cellan Jones is Technology Correspondent for the BBC the author of ‘Dot Bomb’.

Lars Christensen

Internationally renowned Danish economist, founder of Markets and Money Advisory and of Ma

Pete Cohen

Coach to top athletes and blue-chip businesses alike, Pete uses his energetic style and ps

Alan Collins

Distinguished specialist legal professional who has represented parties in some of the mos

George Cooper

The author of The Origin of Financial Crises and Money, Blood & Revolution. Cooper explain

Frances Coppola

Prolific writer and speaker on economics, finance and monetary policy. Formerly with Nat W

Martine Croxall

Journalist and presenter with BBC News and BBC World News and host of 'The Papers', the la

Hal Cruttenden

Award winning stand-up comedian, actor and writer. A regular on Have I got News For You an

Stephen Dalziel

Former BBC Russian Affairs Analyst and Director of Russo-British Chamber of Commerce. Work

Dr David Clive Price

Adviser on consolidation of cross-cultural leadership change, and development in the lucra

Greg Davies

Writer, performer and stand-up comedian with a string of succesful TV works including CH4

Chris Deerin

Scotsman, political columnist, award winning journalist, controversial critic of the SNP a

John Denham

In the United Kingdom ‘English identity’ is on the rise and is playing an increasingly

John Edge

Entrepreneur specialising in fintech and digital identity including trusted computing, blo

Huw Edwards

Presenter of BBC News at Ten, the most-viewed news programme on British television and the

Joakim Eklund

Joakim is an award-winning pioneer in gaming, content marketing and digital story telling.

Gavin Esler

Award winning television and radio broadcaster, novelist and journalist. He is the author

Roger Evans

Former Deputy Mayor of London with insights into the workings and politics of one of the w

Jo Fairley

Founded the pioneering organic chocolate company Green & Black’s and Judges Bakery.

Roger Field

Soldier, lawyer, author, journalist, sporting enthusiast; Roger Field is a sometimes adven

Rick Findler

Award-winning photojournalist who covers the most dangerous stories and most violent confl

Anthony Fitzsimmons

Leading thinker, advisor and speaker on behavioural, organisational and reputational risk.

Dr Florence Eid

Specialised in economic and market studies on the Middle East & North Africa. Formerly Hea

Chris Floyd

Photographer and filmmaker who speaks on creativity, photography, video and fame with wit

Alex Flynn

Adventurer, ultra-athlete, speaker, brand champion, film producer, writer, business consul

Janan Ganesh

FT principal political columnist and author of the biography 'George Osbourne: The Austeri

Dr Gerard Lyons

leading economist and forecaster. Former Chief Economist and Group Head of Global Research

Libby Gill

Provides executive coaching and consulting to develop purpose and high performance within

Jacqueline Gold

CEO of Ann Summers and Knickerbox. Entrepreneur and retail innovator.

Matthew Goodwin

Leading authority on extremism, the Eurozone and EU, Brexit and how it may succeed, how we

Mark Goyder

Thought-provoking financial services and sustainability speaker.

Andrew Grant

Co-author of “Who Killed Creativity?” and designer of educational material that has re

Viv Groskop

Writer, broadcaster and stand-up comedian. Viv writes for the Guardian, Observer and the T

Simon Gulliford

Former Marketing Director of Sears, EMAP plc, Standard Life plc and Group Marketing Direct

Krishnan Guru-Murthy

Journalist, presenter and foreign affairs reporter for Channel 4 News.

William Hague

Former secretary of state, foreign secretary and leader of the Conservative party. A renow

Lars Hamberg

Frequent speaker on New Thinking and Innovation in Financial Services, after the Icelandic

William Hanson

Trusted authority on etiquette & manners. He works with VIP households, diplomats, busine

Rebecca Harding

Leading researcher, economist, co-founder and CEO of Equant Analytics. Formerley Chief Eco

Isabel Hardman

Blogger and journalist, currently assistant editor of the Spectator where she writes and e

Jeremy Hardy

One of Britain's best known radio voices and a stalwart of Radio 4 satire and comedy.

Jo Hardy

Clinical veterinarian, author, humanitarian worker and one of the stars of BBC 2's Young V

Tom Harris

Columnist for the Daily Telegraph, as an MP he became the Labour government’s longest se

Mehdi Hasan

Political Editor for Huffington Post, contributor to The Guardian and The Times and author

Gavin Hastings OBE

Best known as an international rugby player. Former British Lions captain and motivational

Jake Hayman

Former poker player turned serial social entrepreneur and adviser to Government and NGO's

Noreena Hertz

Economics Editor of ITV News, economist, academic, strategist and author of Eyes Wide Open

Christer Holloman

Author, consultant and contributor to media on emergent tech and monetisation.

Dr Itai Ivtzan

Passionate about bringing together psychology and spirituality. Accomplished author and se

Nicholas J Webb

Award-winning innovator, private inventor and thought leader on innovation and the future.

Tim Jarvis

Renowned British/Australian environmental scientist and polar explorer who successfully re

Prof John Kay

Leading economist and thinker, lecturer and broadcaster, he contributes a weekly column to

Marty Jopson

Marty is an inventor, educator, science reporter and creator of countless scientific stunt

Miles Jupp

Unapologetically posh award-winning satirist and wit, now host of BBC Radio 4's flagship s

Shappi Khorsandi

Shappi is a mainstay of British TV and radio having appeared on shows such as BBC's QI, Ha

Debbie Klein

Leading commentator on marketing and communications Debbie Klein is expert on digital tran

Alan Lakey

Award-winning financial services expert and journalist specialising in critical illness.

Martha Lane Fox

Along with Brent Hoberman, Martha founded, champion of social justice, huma

Graeme Leach

Former Chief Economist of the Institute of Directors and currently CEO & Chief Economist o

Helen Lederer

She acts, she's funny, she writes columns, TV , radio , one woman shows, she does voices,

Matt Lewis

The marine biologist who became an everyday hero on a sinking ship in the wild Southern Oc

Ania Lichota

Award winning leader and Woman of the Year. Author and philanthropist

Tamara Lohan

The savvy entrepreneur behind the ‘aspirational but still accessible’ travel accommoda

Admiral Lord West

Expert on 21st Century security issues including cyber-warfare, asymmetric conflict and d

Fred MacAulay

Legendary Scottish comedian who appears regularly on radio panel shows, including Just a M

Jason MacKenzie

President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) in 2017. He is a specialis

Geoff Marshall

Geoff Marshall is a leading authority on London, its transport history and development and

Iain Martin

Political commentator, editor of Reaction, author and former editor at CapX, The Scotsman

Daisy McAndrew

Journalist, news presenter and expert facilitator who specialises in politics, economics a

Trevor McDonald

An institution on UK television. The legendary broadcaster Joined ITN in 1973 as their fir

Reinhold Messner

One of the greatest mountaineers of all time, he made the first solo ascent of Everest wit

Christopher Meyer

Former British Ambassador to Germany and the United States, a highly experienced facilitat

Julie Meyer MBE

Chairman and CEO of Ariadne Capital, founder of EntrepreneurCountry and visionary

George Monbiot

Author, travel writer, Guardian columnist, and well-known environmentalist and political a

Ian Moore

One of only seven British comics selected to appear at the pinnacle of all comedy festival

Chris Moyles

Former BBC Radio One presenter with a successful multi-platform career encompassing books,

Dambisa Moyo

Global economist and bestselling author who analyses the macroeconomy and international af

Jim Murphy

Former Cabinet Minister, leader of the Scottish Labour Party and voted the most effective

Clive Myrie

BBC News presenter and correspondent with specialist interests include US politics. An acc

Andrew Needham

Consumer research and social technology entrepreneur. Formerly CEO of Face & Pulsar a glob

Steven Norris

Former Conservative MP, self-confessed 'transport anorak' and twice a close contender for

Alan O'Neill

Practitioner who has led and facilitated many blue-chip companies through major culture ch

Isabel Oakeshott

British political journalist and commentator, former Sunday Times Political Editor and Pol

Christian Odendahl

Chief Economist at Centre for European Reform. Christian covers European macroeconomics i

David Olusoga

Historian, broadcaster and film-maker currently presenting a major landmark series for BBC

Sigi Osagie

Writer and consultant in procurement, supply chain management, particularly inn transport

Geoffrey Padgham MVO

A decorated expert in Royal Close Protection who has worked with every member of the Briti

Arni Pall Arnason

Minister of Economic Affairs 2010-2011, responsible for co-ordination of the IMF plan, sta

Thanos Papasavvas

London-based economist and investor specialising in currencies and investment across Europ

Adrian Parton

Celebrated Cambridge microbiologist, is a highly successful business-person and renowned p

Jeremy Paxman

Charismatic award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster.

Dr Peter Rehwinkel

former MP, Senator and Mayor in The Netherlands and now a global crisis management consult

Katie Phillips

Speaker on spiritual and personal development.

Lucy Porter

Actress, writer and stand-up comedian. Lucy is well known for her appearances on Have I go

John Prescott

Former Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, now serving as a life peer. A key figu

Jamil Qureshi

Author of The Mind Coach, an entrepreneur and sports psychologist. Jamil is a practitioner

Paul Randolph

Leading British mediator, trainer and writer whose work uses a subtle focus on the psychol

Romesh Ranganathan

Best Newcomer at the 2013 Edinburgh Comedy Awards and often found on British TV screens. A

Fern Riddell

Expert cultural historian, best known for her broadcasting on the working classes in the V

Matt Ridley

Matt Ridley's books on science and technology have sold over a million copies, been transl

Dr Robert Sharpe

Psychologist with an international reputation in the fields of Interpersonal Effectiveness

Geoffrey Robertson QC

Human rights barrister, academic, broadcaster and author.

Johan Ronnestam

A leading authority on creative and conceptual thinking, he leads brands into innovation a

Katherine Ryan

Canadian/Irish comedian with a style reminiscent of Joan Rivers. Edgy yet suitable for cor

Alex Salmond

Former First Minister of Scotland, now SNP spokesperson for International Affairs and Euro

Simon Schama

Author, thinker, broadcaster and Professor of Art History and History. Creator of the land

Vikie Shanks

A speaker on a wide variety of mental health issues and the value of good communication

Rohan Silva

Former UK Government Policy advisor for technology, enterprise and innovation He was respo

Peter Sissons

Award winning broadcaster whose career has spanned forty five years accross ITN, BBC and C

Andrew Smith

Acclaimed author and documentary maker featured in the world’s leading press titles. His

Jon Snow

Jon Snow is one of the best known presenter and correspondents on UK television today

Jamie Sparks

The world's youngest double-ocean rower and a five-time Guinness world record holder.

Dr Stephanie Hare

Expert in political and economic trends within Western Europe. Authored ‘The Democratic

Melissa Sterry

Melissa Sterry is a board-level design scientist and a world leading authority on emergent

Jonathan Straight

Innovator, master-entrepreneur, brand-builder and philanthropist. Jonathan Straight is an

Rory Sutherland

A consumate expert who is all about brand, behaviour, identity and modern leadership. He i

Ralph Talmont

Creative strategist, startup founder, multimedia producer, tech innovator and TEDx Ambassa

Rohit Talwar

Rohit is one of the world's leading future thinkers, helping audiences understand and resp

Nigel Temple

A marketing protaganist who enlightens audiences on marketing maneouvers and small busines

Dave Trott

Advertising, marketing legend and author of ‘Predatory Thinking: A Masterclass in Out-Th

Poppy Trowbridge

Consumer Affairs Correspondent, former Business and Economics for Sky News and banking cor

Adam Tuffnell

Circumnavigated the world against prevailing winds and currents; a feat widely considered

Simon Tyler

Speaks about how CEOs, executives and managers can lead with purpose and impact. Specialis

Patrick Vernon OBE

Member of Healthwatch England, NHS England Equality Diversity Council, Advisory board memb

Stephen Waddington

One of the top five most influential people working in social media in the UK. Chief Engag

Kirsty Wark

Superb moderator, well informed and highly skilled. Award-winning Journalist and favourite

Sayeeda Warsi

One of the strongest personalities in British and European politics. A lawyer with a power

Henning Wehn

German Comedian and broadcaster Henning Wehn disproves the commonly held belief that Germa

Emma Wells

Global authority on British historic buildings and sites, Dr Emma Wells speaks on social h

Greg Williams

Executive Editor of WIRED, leading authority in the fields of technology futures, business

Anna Williamson

A tenacious presenter since the age of 16, Anna progressed from children's to daytime TV w

Jock Wishart

International adventurer, sportsman, team leader and businessman with a reputation for dev

James Woudhuysen

Focuses on the need for agility, true risk-taking and progressive social and business thin
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