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Specialist Speakers bureau - from global celebrity names to exclusive policy experts: conference, business, politics, finance, banking, technology, digital, public relations, social media, and communications speakers. For awards ceremonies, public consultations, and every kind of major event, both in live event and in remote, virtual and webcast environments.

We are the speaker agent for experts and presenters who know and understand the current tech, startup, commerce, and entrepreneurship world. For developments in energy, science, and renewables.

Call us to discuss keynote, motivational, after-dinner speakers, and to find the expert who knows and understands your sector.

Dr Stephanie Hare speaker photo

Stephanie Hare

Stephanie Hare: political, tech & economic trends. Digital, surveillance, big data, society, security, privacy, and the ethics of technology.


Artificial Intelligence Speakers - AI Big Data Blockchain & Cryptocurrency China & China Economy

Sabrina Cohen-Hatton speaker firefighter

Sabrina Cohen-Hatton

Sabrina Cohen-Hatton is the UK's most senior female firefighter and author of 'The Heat of The Moment'. Homeless at fifteen she has become an inspirational role-model, public servant, and speaker.


Achievement Behavioural Culture and Society Disaster and Crisis Management


Laura Dodsworth

Laura Dodsworth: photographer, journalist, filmmaker - author of Sunday Times bestseller' A State of Fear'- investigating behavioural techniques used by government in the Covid-19 pandemic.


Art and Artist Behavioural Covid-19 Economic Recovery Culture and Society

Jason _Mohammad_agent_speaker_picture

Jason Mohammad

Jason Mohammad, anchor on BBC1 'Final Score', and brilliant live event host and presenter. Specialist Speakers is delighted to act as Jason Mohammad agent in respect of hosting and speaking.


Awards Hosts, Presenters, MC Celebrity Conference Chairs & Moderator Entertainers and Entertainment

Michael Wolff speaker agent bureau photoby Jen Harris

Michael Wolff

Michael Wolff is one of the great narrative journalists. Chronicler of the Trump White House, he writes and speaks on the rich and famous, the good and the bad, and the exercise of great power.


After Dinner American Politics Brands & Marketing Culture and Society

contact David Olusoga agent for speaking - photo

David Olusoga

David Olusoga speaker, broadcaster, author, film-maker - historian and chronicler of Black Britain. Contact David Olusoga via Specialist Speakers for speaking engagements, virtual or in-person.


Culture and Society Current Affairs Diversity and Inclusion History


Natasha Loder

Natasha Loder speaker on vaccines, is Health Policy Editor of The Economist and presenter on the coronavirus podcast, The Jab.


Conference Chairs & Moderator Healthcare & Wellbeing Medical Science

Michael Dobbs speaker agent photo

Michael Dobbs

Michael Dobbs offers a unique insight into the workings of politics today, how to interpret, explain and, if possible, predict the direction of policy. No-one matches his experience and understanding of Brexit and the constitutional whirlwind that the country is experiencing right now.


After Dinner American Politics Brexit British Election

Peter Frankopan speaker

Peter Frankopan

Peter Frankopan speaker, one of the world's leading historians, author of The Silk Roads: A New History of the World explaining the importance of Asia, and China's One Belt One Road.


China & China Economy Economist Emerging Markets European Union

Rebecca Harding

Rebecca Harding

Rebecca Harding - leading researcher, economist, co-founder and CEO at Coriolis Technologies. Formerly Chief Economist at the British Bankers Association.


Banking & Financial Services Big Data Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Brexit

Baroness Nicola Blackwood speaker agent photo

Nicola Blackwood

Baroness Nicola Blackwood speaker on health policy: served as a Health Minister under two Prime Ministers with responsibilities including life sciences research, medicines regulation, global health security, vaccines, and is Chair of Genomics England.


Ageing & Longevity Artificial Intelligence Speakers - AI Conference Chairs & Moderator Covid-19 Economic Recovery

Adrian Parton

Adrian Parton

Adrian Parton - celebrated Cambridge microbiologist, is a highly successful business-person and philanthropist. His rapid detection systems have saved millions of lives.


Artificial Intelligence Speakers - AI Business Covid-19 Economic Recovery Environmental

Tim Shipman speaker

Tim Shipman

Tim Shipman - Political Editor of the Sunday Times - is one of the most experienced reporters and observational commentators of Westminster life. He is one of the UK's most informed commentators on Brexit.


After Dinner Brexit British Election Conference Chairs & Moderator

Capri_Cafaro_speaker_agent_ photo_by_Emily_Raw

Capri Cafaro

Capri Cafaro was ten years a Senator in the Ohio State legislature and known today for her healthcare and infrastructure policy expertise. Plus her passion for the traditions of great American food!


American Politics Cooking, Nutrition & Food Culture and Society Fake News

Admiral Lord West

Admiral Lord West

Admiral Lord West: speaker and expert on 21st Century security issues including cyber-warfare, asymmetric conflict and drones, as well as national and commercial risk.


After Dinner Current Affairs Cyber Security Defence / Defense

Specialist Speaker Timothy Armoo CEO of Fanbytes

Timothy Armoo

Timothy Armoo - named in Forbes 30 Under 30, CEO and founder of Fanbytes, a leading influencer marketing business.


Brands & Marketing Digital Transformation Diversity and Inclusion Motivational Speakers & Inspirational

David Murrin speaker

David Murrin

David Murrin, investor, polymath and author of Breaking the Code of History talks about investment and the great themes of our times - the shifting balance of power in favour of Asia and Africa.


China & China Economy Climate Change Consulting Covid-19 Economic Recovery

David Henig speaker

David Henig

David Henig - leading expert in Brexit negotiations and now in the trade policy issues arising from Brexit.


Brexit British Election China & China Economy Consulting

Lars Christensen speaker economist

Lars Christensen

Lars Christensen - internationally renowned Danish economist, founder of Markets and Money Advisory and of Market Monetarist. Author of Milton Friedman - a pragmatic revolutionary.


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Brexit China & China Economy Consulting

BBC Jonny Dymond speaker - not Johnnie Diamond !

Jonny Dymond

Jonny Dymond is a reporter of enormous experience. Now BBC Royal Correspondent and presenter on BBC Radio 4's excellent Broadcasting House and on the BBC World Service as a political reporter.


Awards Hosts, Presenters, MC Conference Chairs & Moderator Current Affairs European Union

Jeff Lynn of seedrs speaker on stsrtups, digital, entrepreneurship.

Jeff Lynn

Jeff Lynn speaker: one of Business Insider's Ten Coolest People in UK Tech, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder of Seedrs, leading European marketplace for private equity investment and the UK's most active investor in private companies.


Artificial Intelligence Speakers - AI Business Crowdfunding Digital Transformation

Natalie Ceeney

Natalie Ceeney CBE

Natalie Ceeney CBE - Chair of Innovate Finance, the members body for FinTech. Former CEO of The Financial Ombudsman, The National Archives and HM Courts and Tribunals Service.


Artificial Intelligence Speakers - AI Banking & Financial Services Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Consulting

Kaddu Kiwe Sebunya

Kaddu Kiwe Sebunya

Kaddu Kiwe Sebunya is CEO of the African Wildlife Foundation dedicated to thriving wildlife and wildlands in Africa.


Animal Welfare Environmental Resilience Sustainability

Picture Mark Earls speker bureau and agent

Mark Earls

Mark Earls - an adman who has run advertising agencies both large and small. A speaker whose award-winning work applies contemporary behavioural and cognitive science to the business of business.


Behavioural Brands & Marketing Business Conference Chairs & Moderator


Richard Davies

Richard Davies - former economic advisor to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rt. Hon George Osborne at HM Treasury.


Banking & Financial Services Covid-19 Economic Recovery Currency & Forex Economist

Poppy Trowbridge

Poppy Trowbridge

Poppy Trowbridge - columnist for Times and Guardian, former special adviser and Director of Communications to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond and Sky Business and Economics correspondent.


American Politics Banking & Financial Services Brexit British Election

Greg Williams

Greg Williams

Greg Williams - Editor of WIRED UK, Greg Williams is a leading authority in the fields of technology futures, business, innovation and media content.


Artificial Intelligence Speakers - AI Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Creativity Cyber Security

Richard Shotton

Richard Shotton

Richard Shotton explains the motivations and behaviours that drive people's buying decisions.


Behavioural Brands & Marketing Business Consulting

Jamie Bartlett digital speaker

Jamie Bartlett

Jamie Bartlett speaker, author, journalist, and researcher focusing on cyber security, privacy, analysis and digital cultures.


American Politics Artificial Intelligence Speakers - AI Big Data Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Arni Pall Arnason

Arni Pall Arnason

Arni Pall Arnason - Iceland Minister of Economic Affairs 2010-11, responsible for co-ordination of IMF plan and a process of financial restructuring dealing successfully with unprecedented levels of corporate debt.


Banking & Financial Services Brexit Current Affairs Disaster and Crisis Management


Michael Bociurkiw

Michael Bociurkiw - global affairs analyst, writer, speaker, moderator. His new book 'Digital Pandemic' was published in 2021.


After Dinner Aviation Conference Chairs & Moderator Current Affairs

Toby Young

Toby Young

One of Britain's most controversial broadcasters, founder the West London Free School, The Free Speech Union and host, with James Delingpole of the weekly podcast London Calling.


After Dinner Brexit Conference Chairs & Moderator Education

Andrew Neil

Andrew Neil

Andrew Neil - publisher, editor, writer, broadcaster, public speaker and business consultant on media working out of London, New York, Edinburgh and France. His knowledge of global political and economic affairs is unsurpassed.


After Dinner American Politics Awards Hosts, Presenters, MC Brexit

Rory Sutherland speaker agent pic

Rory Sutherland

Rory Sutherland speaker and writer - brilliantly all about brand, behaviour, identity, and thought. Rory Sutherland is expert in brand psychology and all things digital and behavioural.


Artificial Intelligence Speakers - AI Behavioural Big Data Brands & Marketing

Jerry Smith speaker CBRNE hazards

Jerry Smith

Jerry Smith specialises in the management of threats from chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) materials.


After Dinner Cyber Security Defence / Defense Disaster and Crisis Management

Michael Arthur

Michael Arthur

Michael Arthur - President of Boeing Europe, and MD, UK and Ireland. A former top diplomat. Led the Maastricht Treaty negotiating team. Ambassador postings included Africa, Paris, Washington, India, Germany and as DG for Europe and Economic issues.


Brexit Conference Chairs & Moderator Corporate Diplomacy Currency & Forex

Tim Montgomerie speaker

Tim Montgomerie

Tim Montgomerie - Columnist for The Times, founder of ConservativeHome, who writes for The Spectator, New Statesman, London Evening Standard, City AM, Wall Street Journal & the FT.


American Politics Brexit British Election Conference Chairs & Moderator

Iain Dale speaker agent photo

Iain Dale

Iain Dale - speaker on politics and one of Britain's leading political and current affairs commentators, on radio, online, and in the press.


After Dinner Awards Hosts, Presenters, MC Brexit British Election

Simon Gulliford

Simon Gulliford

Simon Gulliford - former Marketing Director of Sears, EMAP plc, Standard Life plc and Group Marketing Director for Barclays plc, Simon Gulliford is a globally significant figure in marketing and business development.


Aviation Brands & Marketing Business Consulting

Jonathan Tait-Harris

Jonathan Tait-Harris

Jonathan Tait-Harris played a key role in bringing Saddam Hussein, Chemical Ali and other international criminals to justice. Leading war crimes investigator & criminalist.


Adventure After Dinner Balkans Coaching Speakers and Development

Kirsty Wark

Kirsty Wark

Kirsty Wark - superb moderator, well informed and highly skilled. Award-winning Journalist and favourite as an awards host.


Awards Hosts, Presenters, MC Brexit Conference Chairs & Moderator Current Affairs

Andrew Garner

Andrew Garner

Andrew Garner has helped a generation of leaders navigate through the turbulence that erupts when their established industry maps and models no longer work.


Achievement Automotive & Motorsport Banking & Financial Services Brexit

John Biggs speaker

John Biggs

John Biggs - entrepreneur, writer, and technophile, Editor-At-Large for - the highly respected source of fact and information on digital technology, internet culture, and the possibilities of our technological futures.


Artificial Intelligence Speakers - AI Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Currency & Forex Cyber Security

Jan Ravens

Jan Ravens

Jan Ravens - one of the country's greatest impressionists and great stand-up host for intelligent corporate audiences.


Awards Hosts, Presenters, MC Celebrity Comedians and Satirical Entertainers and Entertainment

Paul_Dolan_Speaker_ photo_by_PH!riaalondon_by

Paul Dolan

Professor Paul Dolan - speaker on happiness and how can we make better decisions.


Behavioural Covid-19 Economic Recovery Culture and Society Current Affairs

Specialist Speaker Susannah Streeter

Susannah Streeter

Susannah Streeter - virtual and real world expert host, anchor, and moderator with superb sectoral knowledge.


Aviation Awards Hosts, Presenters, MC Banking & Financial Services Conference Chairs & Moderator

Jonathan Warburton speaker

Jonathan Warburton

Jonathan Warburton - one of the UK's most recognised business leaders, Jonathan Warburton speaks with authority, knowledge, and passion.


After Dinner Brands & Marketing Business Cooking, Nutrition & Food

Dan Davies

Dan Davies

Dan Davies, speaker: author of 'Lying For Money', a study of commercial fraud, Dan speaks on financial and economic crises, particularly when there is one going on, on financial crimes and regulation.


Banking & Financial Services Brexit Cyber Security Economist

Stefan Stern speaker

Stefan Stern

Stefan Stern - speaker and former director of the High Pay Centre, dedicated to the study of the future world of work and what automation will mean for us all.


Artificial Intelligence Speakers - AI Business Coaching Speakers and Development Conference Chairs & Moderator

Neira Jones

Neira Jones

Neira Jones: more than 20 years experience in financial services and technology advising and speaking on mobile technologies, payments, cybercrime, information security, regulation, and digital innovation.


Conference Chairs & Moderator Consulting Currency & Forex Cyber Security

Steve Richards speaker agent

Steve Richards

Steve Richards speaker on politics, presenter and columnist for the Independent, New Statesman, The Guardian, and host of BBC R4's Week in Westminster. Steve is Rock'n'Roll Politics.


American Politics Brexit British Election Conference Chairs & Moderator

Phillip Blond

Phillip Blond

Phillip Blond leads award-winning think-tank ResPublica. Internationally recognised thinker whose work has enormous policy & practical impact across European politics.


Brexit Business Cities & Urbanism Conference Chairs & Moderator

Charles Crawford

Charles Crawford

Charles Crawford - former Ambassador - worked to end apartheid, dealt with the Soviet Union as communism collapsed & finally as HM Ambassador in Sarajevo after the war.


Balkans Brexit Coaching Speakers and Development Conference Chairs & Moderator

Will Self speaker

Will Self

Will Self is novellist, cartoonist regular columnist for the Evening Standard. He is a frequent broadcaster on television and radio and his acerbic wit as both a speaker and broadcaster is appreciated by broad minded audiences.


Cities & Urbanism Culture and Society Current Affairs Entertainers and Entertainment

Lally Snow

Lalage ‘Lally’ Snow

Lalage 'Lally' Snow - photojournalist, writer and filmmaker. An original, creative and intrepid storyteller.


Adventure After Dinner Culture and Society Human Rights

Gaby Hinsliff

Gaby Hinsliff

Gaby Hinsliff is a Guardian columnist, political columnist and interviewer for Grazia, a prolific writer and blogger with an inside track on the exercise of power and the development of policy.


Conference Chairs & Moderator Current Affairs Diversity and Inclusion Healthcare & Wellbeing

Mark Adams Vice Media speaker

Mark Adams

Mark Adams - Vice President and Head of Innovation at VICE Media, expert voice on digital inclusion and expertise.


Culture and Society Digital Transformation Fake News Innovation

Viv Groskop speaker agent photo

Viv Groskop

Viv Groskop - writer, broadcaster and stand-up comedian. Viv writes for the Guardian, Observer and the Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Financial Times.


After Dinner Awards Hosts, Presenters, MC Comedians and Satirical Conference Chairs & Moderator


Alan Beattie

Alan Beattie, senior trade writer at the Financial Times, based in Brussels, speaking on trade and globalisation.


Banking & Financial Services Brexit Business China & China Economy

Frances Coppola speaker

Frances Coppola

Frances Coppola speaker and writer on economics, finance, and monetary policy. Formerly with Nat West, RBS and SBC Warburg, now a highly regarded commentator on finance and risk. Co-founder of and contributor to Bloomberg, BBC, FT.


Banking & Financial Services Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Brexit Consulting

Jamie Susskind speaker

Jamie Susskind

Jamie Susskind speaker on how digital will shape our futures and how the ability of government and big business to use technology to control society will demand new moral codes and ethics.


Artificial Intelligence Speakers - AI Big Data Blockchain & Cryptocurrency British Election

Charles Arthur

Charles Arthur

Charles Arthur - author of "Digital Wars: Apple, Google, Microsoft and the battle for the internet", a former technology editor and expert commentator on the business battles in technology.


Artificial Intelligence Speakers - AI Business Conference Chairs & Moderator Cyber Security

Misha Glenny

Misha Glenny

Misha Glenny - speaker on organised crime and cyber-security, author of McMafia.


Balkans Cyber Security Global Politics Greece - Politics & Economics

Ross King

Ross King

Ross King - host and interviewer, USA correspondent for Good Morning Britain.


Awards Hosts, Presenters, MC Celebrity Conference Chairs & Moderator Television, Radio, Broadcasting

Daniel Finkelstein

Danny Finkelstein

Danny Finkelstein - politician and journalist who is associate editor with The Times.


After Dinner Brexit British Election Politics and Political

Tanya Beckett

Tanya Beckett

Tanya Beckett - former materials scientist and investment banker -presents BBC World News' Business Live and the business news on Radio 4's Today.


American Politics Awards Hosts, Presenters, MC Banking & Financial Services Brexit

John Edge

John Edge

John Edge - entrepreneur specialising in fintech and digital identity including trusted computing, blockchain and artificial intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence Speakers - AI Banking & Financial Services Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Currency & Forex

Kathryn Parsons speaker

Kathryn Parsons

Kathryn Parsons speaks on digital literacy and digital education, CEO of Decoded.


Business Digital Transformation Education Motivational Speakers & Inspirational

Iain Martin

Iain Martin

Iain Martin - political commentator, editor of Reaction, author and former editor at CapX, The Scotsman, and former deputy editor of The Sunday Telegraph.


Banking & Financial Services Brexit British Election Current Affairs

Ranulph Fiennes

Ranulph Fiennes

Sir Ranulph Fiennes - motivational speaker popular with both UK and European audiences, Sir Ranulph shows how the qualities of the explorer can be applied to achieve success in the business world.


Achievement Adventure After Dinner Business

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