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Work, Future of Employment Speakers

Keynote, specialist and conference speakers on the future of work.

The world of work has been changing rapidly ever since the Industrial Revolution. And now it continues to change very rapidly indeed. In 2019 we would have been expecting to ask speakers to explain how automation would change the workplace; how the gender balance would change in the future; or perhaps how quickly artificial intelligence might threaten even the jobs of relatively highly paid knowledge workers. Then Covid-19 happened.

This sudden explosion of remote working and WFH was unexpected and it’s gone one longer than expected too. As Rory Sutherland explains – ‘everyone did it at the same time’ – network effects meant that adaptation and technology take-up was swift. Now after almost a year of remote there are so many questions for experts to speculate upon:

How much WFH will continue adter Covid-19
How much work will be offshored and what are the risks?
How many will return to the office and what is its future?
How do we keep work teams together?
How is the shape of HR and recruitment?
Will people commute less? – but perhaps greater distances.

Change has been swift and dramatic. We can offer people with knowledge and expertise who can help employers understand the likely futures, and help business to navigate some of the likely scenarios that business will face very soon..

Rasmus Ankersen Profile image

Rasmus Ankersen

Rasmus Ankersen - author, entrepreneur, football club director, and advisor on high-performance development.... [more]

Tim Berners-Lee Profile image

Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee - revolutionised the the world through the creation of the world wide web. He is also a key voice behind the idea of Net Neutrality.... [more]

Simon Biltcliffe Profile image

Simon Biltcliffe

Simon Bitcliffe - founder of Webmart, shaped the business around his personal ethos that Marxism and Capitalism together are unbeatable.... [more]

Paul Birch Profile image

Paul Birch

Paul Birch - innovation and organisational change guru who helps organisations to solve impossible problems and find profitable solutions.... [more]

Karen Blackett Profile image

Karen Blackett

Karen Blackett speaker on marketing is CEO of Group M. ... [more]

Raina Brands Profile image

Raina Brands

Dr Raina Brands speaks on organisational behaviour and women in leadership. She specialises in research into gender bias in organisations through the lens of social networks. ... [more]

Ceeney CBE Profile image

Natalie Ceeney CBE

Natalie Ceeney CBE - Chair of Innovate Finance, the members body for FinTech. Former CEO of The Financial Ombudsman, The National Archives and HM Courts and Tribunals Service.... [more]

René Carayol Profile image

René Carayol

Rene Carayol specialises in business leadership, culture, and transformation. He helps leaders to inspire their people to do the things others said could not be done.... [more]

Dana Denis-Smith Profile image

Dana Denis-Smith

Dana Denis-Smith - high-profile campaigner for helping women in the legal and other professions to balance professional and family life.... [more]

Paul Dolan Profile image

Paul Dolan

Professor Paul Dolan - speaker on happiness and how can we make better decisions.... [more]

Luke Dormehl Profile image

Luke Dormehl

Luke Dormehl - technology author and journalist, with a background in documentary film. Expert in technology and business strategy.... [more]

Jenni Field Profile image

Jenni Field

Jenni Field - helping business to understand the essential art of communication for teams and workers. ... [more]

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