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Sarah Guedj

Sarah Guedj


Sarah Guedj has operated at executive level for 8 years, holding Sales and Operations roles for IBM France and IBM Europe. Up to May this year, she was an Executive Partner for the Global Business Services, the Consulting entity of IBM France.

Sarah has spent her career undertaking transformation and modernisation of business entities. A strategist and change agent, she has led significant value creation, both as a Head of Sales Operations and as a strategy consultant. She has significant experience in IT services and in both public and private sector contexts. A former Head of Sales Operations, a member of the Executive Committee of IBM France, employing 8000 staff with a € 3.5bn turnover, she has also been Head of Operations of two major entities (IBM France Global Business Services, IBM EMEA Systems and Server Group). She has extensive Sales and Consulting experience, as a Consulting Partner.

As Head of Operations, Sarah developed the transformation strategy to create a world class Sales support organisation, implementing Analytics, AI and Automation, operating at 25% lower costs.

In her overall career, Sarah has held a number of international positions, including an assignment in London. Sarah has also held Direct and Indirect Sales positions at an EMEA level, growing the IBM EMEA Influenced business by 61% and 46% in consecutive years.

Sarah gained a Master of Science at the Ecole Polytechnique Feminine, with a specialisation in Business Engineering before joining IBM Europe. She is French and the mother of 2 young children.

Sarah speaks on the challenge of developing an executive career in an industry that is still widely male dominated and how to realistically manage personal and professional life.


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