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Matt Lindley


Contact Matt Lindley as a keynote speaker via a Specialist Speakers agent on +44 01455 633289 for presentation in both in-person and virtual settings.


Matt Lindley‘s lessons from the flight deck help us to understand why and how people make mistakes. Matt uses fundamental psychology together with stories of aviation and medical crises to suggest constructive changes to culture and leadership in order to mitigate risk.

Matt became a commercial pilot flying Boeing 747s after a career that began in 1995 when he was first selected to be a Royal Air Force pilot. In 2000 he was chosen to fly Her Majesty The Queen, members of the Royal Family and HM Government worldwide by serving on the Royal Squadron. During his time with the Squadron he became a qualified flying instructor and a VIP qualified Captain. And, Matt flew missions in the Afghan, Iraqi, Kosovo, and the Sierra Leone conflicts.

Matt qualified for a his prestigious career roles whilst also dealing with the challenges of being one of the first openly gay pilots in the British armed forces. He suppressed his sexuality, joining an organisation in which being out could easily have meant a spell in prison. His story is one of dedicated self-motivation and resilience. He tells how over time the RAF adapted its culture from one of hostility towards gay personnel, to one of acceptance, and support. Matt speaks about the need for mental resilience and its impact on organisations and employee performance. Today Matt Lindley uses his remarkable experience as a speaker on the benefits of cultural change and transformational leadership for the well-being of employees and business alike.

Matt also specialises in non-technical training in aviation and medicine developing life-saving courses to help healthcare professionals minimise mistakes, understand heir own vulnerabilities, and reduce error rates in hospitals. Matt Lindley speaks wisely and with compassion on human cognition, psychological safety, inclusive leadership, the avoidance of stress in the workplace, fatigue, empowering employees to speak up, assertiveness skills, our approach to risk, and much, much more.

Contact Matt Lindley via a Specialist Speakers agent on +44 [0]1455 633289 for both virtual and in-person engagements.


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