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Inma Martinez


Inma Martinez has been a pioneer in digital innovation for more than twenty years. She’s a technology product innovator and data scientist who’s been behind major innovation advances in web and mobile including data-mining, artificial intelligence, behavioural learning, and sentiment analysis.

Today Inma is a Venture Partner at Deep Science Ventures, an accelerator in London. She’s also the founder of Right Brain Future, a data-driven product innovation agency where she works in the private sector as a data scientist¬†leading a number¬†of AI and big data projects.

An inspirational speaker, Inma is engaged to speculate upon the future of digitisation and digital transformation. She has delivered keynote speeches, participated in industry panels or acted as chairperson at major conferences in Europe, in the Middle East, and in the United States over the past two decades and is now available for both face to face and virtual events.

“Mary Meeker’s Internet In Europe report got to my hands. There, in just one paragraph describing Motorola’s, Nokia’s and Ericsson’s developments in WAP, I found my ignition: if a cell phone was going to transmit and receive data at 56kb/sec, that was the speed of a fax machine. It blew my mind. I had to be part of this”Inmaculada Martinez


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