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Caspar Berry


Caspar Berry: poker player speaking on decision-making and risk in the real world.

Caspar uses poker to help audiences understand how to make decisions under risk. He explains how to allocate scarce resources in an optimal way under circumstances of uncertainty in order to maximize our long-term returns.

Caspar’s sessions as a speaker are based upon the idea that all decisions in life are really investment decisions – the allocations of scarce resources under conditions of uncertainty. In poker that’s exactly what one is doing: allocating scarce resources under conditions of uncertainty – what we usually call risk-taking.

Bringing together uncertainty, economics, psychology, and culture, Caspar speaks with both financial and non-financial audiences. He helps both individuals and enterprises understand how uncertain our business environment really is, and how to embrace risk in an uncertain world. And he’ll gladly give you a game of poker!

Brilliant, intelligent messages delivered with passion and knowledge. The best talk from an outside speaker I have ever seen – Jonathan Walsh, Corporate Marketing and Communication Director, Nestlé

A really fun and relevant afternoon which looks at business in a very different way. Caspar, your session was fantastic and the highlight of the day. Well done. The PayPal team is still talking about it – Geoff Iddison, CEO, PayPal


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