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Matt Littlejohn


Matt Littlejohn: Specialist Speaker on oceans, plastics, and the protection and restoration of our marine environment.

Plastic is a major source of pollution for the world’s oceans, with 17.6 billion pounds entering the sea every year – the equivalent of a garbage truck worth of plastic dumped into the ocean every minute. Sadly, only 9% of all plastic ever produced has been recycled. Marine species become entangled by debris and ingest plastics causing injuries and deaths. Recent studies found that 90% of all seabird species and 100% of all sea turtles investigated have ingested plastic.

Before Oceana, Matt was a senior marketing executive and consultant for digital and marketing companies including Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Honest Tea, Proxicom, SS+K, and Zoom Media Group. He’s also worked as a legislative assistant for a US Senator, a presidential campaign advance man and as a reporter for Forbes Magazine. Matt has a BA from Brown University and an MBA from Yale.

Matt is a personable and superbly well informed speaker on the issues of ocean conservation, plastic pollution, responsible fishing, and marine wildlife protection. Recently the Executive Producer of Good Morning Europe and Euronews Now described him as ‘fantastic’ and his live interview ‘a huge success’.

Speaker fee due to Matt will be automatically allocated as a contribution to support one of Oceana’s current campaigns. Matt Littlejohn is based in Washington DC.


Risk to turtles: a plastic bag can look a lot like a jellyfish. Photo: Danny Ocampo



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