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Andrew Neil

Andrew Neil


Andrew Neil is a publisher, editor, writer, broadcaster, public speaker, and business consultant on media matters working out of London, New York, Edinburgh, Dubai, and France. His knowledge of global political and economic affairs is recognised as one of the foremost in the reporting world.

Andrew Neil is currently Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Press Holdings Media Group, publishers of The Spectator, Spectator Australia, and Apollo, world-renowned art magazine and was a founder of challenger TV news channel, GB News. He served as a member of the International Advisory Board of Al Jazeera, the international news channel based in Doha, Qatar, and was publisher of The Scotsman Group in Edinburgh for ten years.

Andrew Neil presented three editions of Daily Politics on BBC2 each week as well as the Sunday Politics on BBC1 plus This Week on BBC1 on Thursday nights. He anchored BBC2’s Politics Europe, which is broadcast on BBC2, BBC News Channel and on BBC World. Andrew’s last Neil’s last appearance for the BBC is scheduled for November 2020 when he will help to lead its coverage of the US presidential election.

His first job (1971-72) was as political adviser to the Secretary of State for the Environment in Edward Heath’s Conservative Government in London. He then became a correspondent for The Economist in 1973, where his first major assignment was to cover the Ulster ‘Troubles’ from Belfast. Andrew became American correspondent of The Economist in 1979, working out of New York and Washington. He covered the Iranian hostage crisis and the 1980 presidential election as White House correspondent for the magazine and also wrote on Wall Street and US business. He returned to London in 1982 to become UK Editor of The Economist. In 1983 he became editor of the prestigious Sunday Times of London and remained in that post for eleven years (until end-1994). He developed the newspaper into the undisputed 10-section market leader breaking many scoops and putting the paper into the centre of many controversies in the process.

While still editing The Sunday Times, Neil presided over the successful launch of Sky Television, the new satellite service that brought multi-channel TV to Britain. Within a year Sky had already reached a million homes. His task of launching Sky and seeing it through its first difficult year completed, Neil returned to being a full-time editor. He had been Executive Chairman of Sky from 1988 to 1990. Then, in the summer of 1994, Neil was seconded to New York to become executive editor of Fox TV’s first steps into network news.

In late 1994, with Fox uncertain of its plans, he resigned from both The Sunday Times and Fox Television to begin a new career as an independent broadcaster, writer and media consultant.

While at The Economist, Neil began appearing regularly on British television and radio. In 1975 he presented the first network documentary special on North Sea oil for BBC TV. This led to presenting Tomorrow’s World, a BBC TV network science and technology series, Risk Business, a BBC award-winning documentary series about business, and Look Here, a weekly media show for the ITV network. Neil also commented regularly on economic and political matters for a variety of programmes, including BBC TV’s Nationwide and BBC Radio 4’s Today.

As The Economist’s UK editor, Neil also began broadcasting to America from London, appearing regularly on the breakfast shows of all three US networks – CBS Morning, ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today and ABC’s Nightline. He also became London correspondent for PBS’s Inside Edition, a weekly US show on the media.

In 1991 he launched his own Sunday morning talk radio show for London Broadcasting (LBC), while still editing The Sunday Times. It became the highest-rated show on LBC.

In ’95 he launched The Andrew Neil Show, a three-times-week interview programme simulcast domestically on BBC2 and internationally to more than 100 countries on BBC World, the global cable and satellite news service.

In the autumn of 1998 he started the Andrew Neil Breakfast Show for BBC Radio Five, a network Sunday morning news programme that became the highest-rated news show on the station.

Since then he has presented live prime-time special reports for BBC2 every autumn from all three British party political conferences; in the 1996 US presidential election year he also covered the San Diego and Chicago conventions; in 2000 he broadcast live from New York on US election night for BBC radio; in 2001 he anchored a daily BBC network news show on the British general election. On British election night he commented on the results for CNN.

He continues to appear regularly on TV on both sides of the Atlantic and has been a consultant to NBC News. Recent US broadcasts have included CBS’s 60 Minutes and NBC’s Dateline. Included among the many world leaders he has interviewed are Ronald Reagan, Mrs Gandhi, Tony Blair, Jimmy Carter, Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger and Boris Yeltsin. Back in the UK, he interviewed Conservative leadership candidates Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson on 12 July 2019.

In October 1996 Macmillan published his autobiography Full Disclosure, on his Sunday Times and Sky TV years, which sold almost 60,000 copies in hard and paperback.

As a business consultant, Neil has been involved in European digital television developments and advising on the acquisition and development of a number of publications, as well as the launch of a new business daily for Asia – Asia Times and a new magazine, Asia Inc.

Andrew Neil is much in demand worldwide as a speaker lecturing on British, American and European politics/economics, the future of the euro and the dollar, and the impact of information technology on business, with special emphasis on the opportunity and challenge of e-commerce, on which he has spoken to most of the world’s major IT companies.

In April 2016 a poll of Members of Parliament voted Andrew Neil the ‘best political journalist in the country’. In September 2020 Andrew Neil announced his departure from the BBC to become chairman of GB News, launching in 2021 where he will also present a prime-time evening programme.

Andrew Neil announced his resignation as Chairman and Lead Presenter of GB News on 13 September 2021.

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