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Jonathan Gabay


Jonathan Gabay Confronts Propaganda’s Evolution from Ancient To AI

Specialist Speaker Jonathan Gabay is a respected figure in the world of communications, public relations and branding. Blending informed analysis of the tactics of political influence both ancient and modern he confronts the weaponization of AI and deep-fakes that don’t just disrupt but threaten democracy itself.

Jonathan is known for his depth of understanding of human psychology and applying this knowledge to create powerful political brands and campaigns. Recently made a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Jonathan’s seventeen books have worked to reveal the hidden forces shaping our choices as consumers and citizens. In his 2015 book Soul Traders Jonathan explored the long history of political and commercial propaganda and manipulation.

Jonathan’s fascinating talks consider how governments use political propaganda based on twelve key techniques ubiquitous since ancient Greece. Whilst propaganda is an ancient dark art, he throws light on how AI will be, and is already, employed to influence and to persuade. Jonathan describes a armoury of deep-fake technologies and neuro-marketing that are at work behind a world of global change and jeopardy. Audiences gain insight into how digital campaigns are created to affect issues from the UK to the USA and beyond in a super-election year.

As an expert academic, Jonathan appears frequently in the media including BBC Newsnight, discussing everything from political branding to commercial PR disasters – and how organisations address them, or fail to. As Saatchi & Saatchi Creative Group Head Jonathan was involved in the textbook case of the ‘Labour Isn’t Working’ campaign, featuring its now world-renowned poster.

His latest work, due 2024, Digital Marketing and AI Psychology, is a meticulously researched professional textbook for digital marketing students and practising professionals; it explains how psychology is used to build trust with voters, consumers, and citizens, including the ethical implications of AI during campaigning and elections.

On stage Jonathan Gabay weaves analysis and live examples that challenge audiences to make the right ethical moves for their organisations and for society at large. As at 2024 Jonathan Gabay is working currently with IBM on a major new global AI educational initiative and speaking on human interaction with artificial intelligence including prompt engineering.


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