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Jonathan Gabay speaker

Jonathan Gabay


Author of fifteen books including Brand Psychology, Jonathan Gabay is a highly respected branding and PR specialist who works with many of the world’s leading organisations including governments. During the lockdown of 2020 ‘JJ’ became famous for his extraordinarily successful podcast series Thought and Leaders. A prolific author, Jonathan Gabay’s next book – on human psychology and artificial intelligence in marketing will be published in late summer 2023.

Leading digital content and thought leadership workshops for the world’s only royal chartered status marketing training body, Jonathan is regularly invited by global news channels from AlJazeera to Sky News, CNN and BBC to discuss the brand reputation as well as PR and psychological implications of the biggest business, royal, and celebrity news stories.

As a broadcaster, Jonathan has the knack to make people feel at ease. This makes him a great choice as a host at major conferences and debates. In addition to brands and marketing, Jonathan understands the real issues affecting people suffering from mental health issues within the workforce and beyond. He specialises in dealing with what is termed in psychology as ‘ambiguous loss’ as well as dealing with mental health issues in the post-COVID world. In addition to brand advice, reputation management and thought leadership, Jonathan leads mental health talks and events throughout the country at grass-roots level.

Jonathan’s observation of life ensures both his business branding as well as mental health talks are authentic, entertaining, useful, and ultimately motivating. At his wish a percentage of Jonathan’s speaking fees automatically go to Sane, JAMI, MIND, CALM or a mental health charity nominated by the client.

Copywriters’ Compendium: Elsevier Hatchett. (Three editions, ‘05,‘07,‘09).
The Meaning of Life: Virgin Books. (Three international charity editions on behalf of the British Red Cross).
Teach Yourself Copywriting: Hodder Headline (three editions) (1996).
Soul Traders – History of Commercial Propaganda: Marshall Cavendish. (Three international editions (2009) (2011)
Make a Difference with Your Marketing: Teach Yourself: Hatchett (2010).
Imaginative Marketing: Hodder Headline (1998).
Improve Your Copywriting: Hodder Headline (2010).
Teach Yourself Marketing: (1998,2003): Hodder Headline(two editions)
Successful Web Marketing in a Week: Hodder Headline (Two editions) (2002).
Write Persuasive Copy: Flash: Hatchett (2011)
Heroes Dotcom Hodder Headline)
The Marketing Century: CIM (2011) – contributor.
Reinvent Yourself: Momentum Books (2002) (Romanian edition 2012).
Marketing for Success: Flash, Hatchett (2011)
The Brand Messiah – Business Novel – 2012
Brand Psychology – Corporate Reputations (Kogan Page 2015)

Today Jonathan is host of the Thought & Leaders podcast interviewing fascinating people with ideas relevant to the world of tomorrow.


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