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Christian Majgaard speaker

Christian Majgaard


Christian Majgaard LEGO ® top management team former member where he championed the amazing transition from plastic toy to global brand.

The LEGO® transition overseen by Christian was powered by famous successes such as LEGOLAND® parks, LEGO Mindstorms® robots, LEGO Educational, children’s software and licensing alliances with the movie world including the hookup with Harry Potter and with StarWars.

Together with LEGO´s owner, Christian went to create his own consultancy. the brief is to help major international brands to develop and implement strategies using new technologies and interactivity for the 21st century – customer focused growth, marketing, innovation, branding and shared vision. He is expert in dealing with the behavioural issues that influence collaboration on cooperation and on culture.

Today Christian is also a renowned speaker throughout the world on these themes. He has inspired companies like Nestlé, Siemens, Vodafone, Abbvie, LeasePlan, Motorola, Bang & Olufsen, Swiss Re, Geodis Wilson, Disneyland, Heineken, ABB, Canon, and many others.

Christian authored the book 13 Hints for Tomorrow’s Brand Builders as well as numerous articles. Christian has starred in national TV across the globe, and was featured as one among ’21 leaders for the 21st century’ by Dutch/British professors Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner.

He is a speaker able to turn complex concepts into simple words, carried by humour.

Some quotes:

On Branding:
“Upon return from their holiday, have you ever heard your friends say: ” We stayed at a wonderful hotel, they had such nice letter heads and logos!”

On Marketing:
“There is no such thing as a mature market, – only tired marketers!”
“Most marketing managers have left the board room to become managers of one way-communication. The only marketing concept that appears to survive these years is their title!”

On innovation:
“Thinking out of the box is not about creating odd patterns with matches. Its about leaving the office and seeing the world as it is. Go and see the place where your future has already arrived!”

Typical testimonials:

“I wanted to personally thank you for being part of the family at our conference and for putting on quite the show as a key note. I have not stopped receiving unsolicited feedback on how good you were! GPT was super impressed with you!”
Anthony Barrios, (GPT Australia)

“Christian was excellent. Easily the best of the external speakers. He was intelligent, on topic, humorous and human. The audience really enjoyed his presentation style. He arrived on time, was helpful and amenable, and happy to fit in with our timetable changes. Can’t recommend him highly enough!”
Vince Russell (Amcor, Holland)

“Your speech became the key to the day”
ICBI/ Fund Forum International, executive summit, France

“a fire broke out in all of us after your speech on Friday morning”

Head of marketing, Lindberg Intl.

“A 1,000 thanks for such an inspiring presentation and great management of the following discussion. We certainly hope to draw on you again”

Head of corporate HR, Copenhagen Stock Exchange. Management seminar

“The customers greatly appreciated your presentation to them, so many of them have now asked for copies of your presentation and further involvement”
Motorola, head of intl, London

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