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Ralph Talmont

Ralph Talmont


In a thirty year career in communications, publishing, design and technology startups, Ralph Talmont has built up an uncommon cross-domain understanding of the creative principles and market forces at work in the converging fields of media, consumer internet, design and business innovation. This high-level view gives him an ability to connect people and concepts across geographic boundaries and make sense of the increasingly complex relationships between people, products and the technology that surrounds us.

Ralph is a creative strategist, startup founder, multimedia producer, photographer and author as well as a design and publishing consultant with deep experience in servicing individual, corporate and SME clients on four continents. His many books have included private publications on some of the world’s largest yachts and it was this deep involvement in the book trade that led him to create his first innovation-driven company back in 1999 – the World’s first portal for book trade professionals (editing, production and rights management). Since then he has co-founded three technology startups, although he is still working on that billion dollar exit. He is a founding partner in Conversato (early stage UK based video streaming startup) and a partner in the creative strategy consultancy Perfect Storm based in Warsaw and Brighton.

Born in Poland and educated in Australia, Ralph resided in New Zealand for some eighteen years before Cupid struck and love called him back to the land of his ancestors. For the past five years he has been the curator for TEDxWarsaw, Poland’s first and largest TEDx event, and has been recently appointed as TEDx Ambassador for Poland. He is a speaker & coach on creativity, communication, internet innovation and new media and contributes regularly to events and discussions on subjects close to his heart.


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