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Stephanie Hare


Dr Stephanie Hare: keynote and conference speaker and expertise on political, tech & economic trends, digital, surveillance, big data, society, security, privacy, gender roles in STEM, and the ethics of technology.

Dr Stephanie Hare is a researcher, broadcaster, and speaker on technology, politics and history. Stephanie’s most recent work includes research on how biometrics, surveillance, and big data affect our civil liberties and human rights.

Selected as a part of the landmark BBC Expert Women initiative, she has a regular radio column that goes out on the BBC World Service’s World Business Report and BBC Radio’s 4 Business Daily. She has published op-eds with the Financial Times, Project Syndicate, CNN, and The Guardian. In 2019 Stephanie has appeared on BBC television on subjects as diverse as Can We Trust Huawei?, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Requests Internet Regulation, and The New Zealand Massacre: The Technical Challenges of Removing Videos from Social Media. Stephanie is a leading specialist on the business, political, and social implications of facial recognition technology, surveillance, and of 5G mobile communications including the development of smart cities.


During 2021 Stephanie will publish Technology Ethics, addressing a whole spectrum of complex contradictory values created by the new technologies of the twenty-first century. She examines the future in artificial intelligence, biometrics, big data, data protection, and children’s data. Drawing on Stephanie’s experience as a technologist, a political risk analyst and as an historian the book will offer a cross-disciplinary approach challenging those creating, investing in, regulating and reporting on, technology. It will examine the space where biometrics and big data meet commercial and government AI capabilities, the ethics of data use, the role of regulation and international law in securing privacy and the rights of the individual.

Stephanie’s other academic publications include For Your Eyes Only: US Technology Companies, Sovereign States and the Battle for Data Protection, selected as a case study for Harvard Business Review; and book chapters such as The Duty to Obey: Politics and the Individual in France 1930-1950, based on her exclusive interviews with Maurice Papon, the French civil servant convicted of crimes against humanity in 1998 relating to his role in the arrest, internment and deportation of Jewish people during the Second World War.

2020 and 2021

During 2020 Stephanie researched and wrote on the UK Government’s test and trace Covid-19 policy and apps, efficacy, and security. Following the Google outage and alleged hack of 14 December 2020 Stephanie was a first call for news channels for early analysis of the risks and outcomes. In February 2020 Stephanie is studying the implications of the on-going dispute between Facebook and the government of Australia.

Stephanie has worked as a Principal Director at Accenture Research, as a deployment strategist at Palantir, a Senior Analyst for Western Europe at Oxford Analytica, a consultant at Accenture, and has taught history at Oxford, where she held the Alistair Horne Visiting Fellowship at St Antony’s College. She is a graduate of the London School of Economics (PhD, MSc) and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


5 Feb 2021 Dr Stephanie Hare delivered the keynote discussing the future of cities and her forthcoming book Technology Ethics exploring how biometrics and data central to smart cities relates to privacy, civil liberties and our human rights. The virtual event was presented by with the support of the British Embassy in Paris.

As Stephanie remarked to us in interview shortly before the event: ‘Smart’ cities use technologies that deliver greener energy, improved traffic flow and better governance — but also more surveillance, a greater threat to our civil liberties, and higher cybersecurity risks. How can we balance ‘smart’ technologies so that they enhance, rather than diminish, our lives? That is the question.

Dr Stephanie Hare is a Specialist Speakers exclusive speaker. As a partner to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations we were delighted to sponsor and present Stephanie at the CIPR Annual Conference 2019, ‘Preparing for the Digital Future’ 13 November 2019 at the British Library. Stephanie is available for both forthcoming live event and for virtual and webcast presentation.

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