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Jamie Woodruff

Jamie Woodruff


Jamie Woodruff is the man who has found vulnerabilities in Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube and in a lot of other well-known online applications.

Jamie began his computer hacking career at the age of nine. At Bangor University where he was studying information systems he successfully hacked Facebook as part of a student competition. It was Jamie who uncovered the flaws Kim Kardashian’s site that were putting her fans’ data at substantial risk.

Today he’s commissioned by blue chip companies around the world to discover vulnerabilities, within their computer networks, websites and servers & their in the habits of their workforce. A ‘poacher turned gamekeeper’ Jamie has been cited in the case of Ashley Madison and has modelled how terrorists communicate online.

Famously his penetration and testing of of a client’s systems involved his real world impersonation of a Domino’s pizza delivery boy at a large financial institution followed by his picking the lock of the server room!

Jamie is a fantastic, interactive speaker, involving the audience to understand how we can be manipulated, and how to we can guard against it.

Jamie Woodruff is a director a cyber security company specialising in training, penetration testing and recruitment and is safety advisor for the Cyber Smile Foundation specialising in the prevention of online cyber bullying.


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