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The Poll

These are indeed interesting times. Tell us your opinion and we'll get responses from some of our speakers. We really would like to know what you think. It's not scientific, you are a self-selecting bunch but it should fun and cathartic. And let us know what polls YOU think will work here for your industry. Have your say

That was quite a performance by Dominic Cummings in front of the Select Committee.

Do you want to hear keynote Dominic? Strong opinions from you either way definitely accepted in our comments section too.


Comments (2)


Name: GeneG Date:28-05-2021 10:33:48

Dom may have said everything I would be interested to hear already. On the other hand if he was to speak in Barnard Castle it would be a nice day out. Lovely town.

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Name: Ian Moore Date:28-05-2021 09:41:43

It depends what you want to learn of course. How to undermine veracity and accountability in public life perhaps? But is he engaging enough to be a keynote speaker? I doubt it. (Either way, I'll do the warm up for him!)

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