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The Poll

These are indeed interesting times. Tell us your opinion and we'll get responses from some of our speakers. We really would like to know what you think. It's not scientific, you are a self-selecting bunch but it should fun and cathartic. And let us know what polls YOU think will work here for your industry. Have your say

The event industry is one of the sectors most seriously affected by the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak. If you are in the event industry, or an associated business, this question is for you.

What do you think will happen to our sector in the next six months?


Comments (3)


Name: A X Date:13-05-2020 05:54:38

Yes, it will come back but it will sure take a while and the best businesses with best innovation will survive and many wont. there might be be less venues as well and prices will be lower on venues. Speakers will be cheaper too.

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Name: SV Torrens Date:13-05-2020 01:07:28

Things look darkest in the middle of a crisis. But humans are social animals and they will come back to meeting face to face. They always do. Now - all sing the song by Vera Lynn.

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Name: Gerald McNaughton Date: 13-05-2020 06:01:39

They will come back because virtual is rubbish by comparison

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