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We are a leading bureau in specialist content. Every month we add more new speakers, many of whom are exclusive to Specialist Speakers.

New categories and topics are added all the time reflecting new and current thinking on professional and contemporary issues.

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Steve Fowler Speaker Profile

Steve Fowler

Steve Fowler, international keynote and conference automotive speaker. [more]
Dr Jack Lewis Speaker Profile

Dr Jack Lewis

Specialist Speaker Dr Jack Lewis shows audiences how our brains work and how to make better decisions in life and at work. [more]
Victoria Derbyshire Speaker Profile

Victoria Derbyshire

Victoria Derbyshire is a superbly informed and highly accomplished presenter and moderator. [more]
Pippa Crerar Speaker Profile

Pippa Crerar

Speaker Pippa Crerar offers deep insight into what is really going on inside British politics and beyond. [more]
Ayo Sokale Speaker Profile

Ayo Sokale

AyoSokale - civil engineer, BBC presenter, motivational speaker on sustainability, STEM and neurodiversity. [more]
Cally Beaton Speaker Profile

Cally Beaton

Cally Beaton - comedian, former TV exec awards host and brilliant awards host! [more]
Adam Smith Speaker Profile

Adam Smith

Speaker Adam Smith is the CEO of Surplus To Purpose and expert on food sustainability. [more]
Aarti Samani Speaker Profile

Aarti Samani

Speaker Aarti Samani is a driving force in artificial intelligence-led growth and business innovation. [more]
Betty Adamou Speaker Profile

Betty Adamou

Specialist Speaker Betty Adamou is the expert on digital marketing phenomenon of gamification. [more]
Katie King Speaker Profile

Katie King

Speaker Katie King is author of 'Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: How to Harness AI and Maintain the Competitive Edge' [more]
Ginny Buckley Speaker Profile

Ginny Buckley

Ginny Buckley - expert in the automotive industry, electric vehicles and infrastructure. [more]
Peter Westaway Speaker Profile

Peter Westaway

Peter Westaway is a senior economist and investment strategist makeing complex economic issues understandable. [more]
Toju Duke Speaker Profile

Toju Duke

Toju Duke - keynote speaker, author, thought leader and consultant on Responsible AI including diverse and inclusive AI. [more]
Roya Nikkhah Speaker Profile

Roya Nikkhah

Speaker Roya Nikkhah, royal editor for The Sunday Times is a highly accomplished keynote speaker and event moderator. [more]
Rosa Vasquez Espinoza Speaker Profile

Rosa Vasquez Espinoza

Speaker Dr Rosa Vasquez Espinoza, chemical biologist, conservationist, TV personality, National Geographic Explorer and award-winning artist. [more]
Chris Turner Speaker Profile

Chris Turner

Chris Turner is an international inspirational speaker helping the work of high performance teams. [more]
Darren Harris Speaker Profile

Darren Harris

Inspirational speaker Darren Harris - Paralympian and blind footballer on a mission to help ordinary people do extraordinary things. [more]
FC Speaker Profile


Speaker FC is ethical hacker Freakyclown - defender against cyber attack [more]
Nina Warhurst Speaker Profile

Nina Warhurst

Nina Warhurst is business and consumer affairs presenter at BBC Breakfast. [more]
Dan Tubb Speaker Profile

Dan Tubb

Dan Tubb covers AI, Bitcoin, Gold, CBDCs, and the state of the world today including his signature summary of the state of modern Britain. [more]
Mike Butcher Speaker Profile

Mike Butcher

Specialist Speaker Mike Butcher - Editor-at-large of TechCrunch - expert on tech enterprise. [more]
Debra Corey Speaker Profile

Debra Corey

Debra Corey: keynote speaker and panelist, global HR leader and business author. [more]
Tom Luongo Speaker Profile

Tom Luongo

Former research chemist turned geopolitical and market analyst studies the intersection of politics and markets with fierce intellectual honesty. [more]
Ashley Giles Speaker Profile

Ashley Giles

Speaker Ashley Giles - international cricketer and sports manager with vast experience at domestic and international level. [more]
Liz Lumley Speaker Profile

Liz Lumley

Liz Lumley is the deputy editor at The Banker and expert in fintech developments. [more]
Trevor Phillips Speaker Profile

Trevor Phillips

Trevor Phillips - speaker and broadcaster on today's society and racial equality. [more]
Patrick Fagan Speaker Profile

Patrick Fagan

Patrick Fagan behavioural scientist, author, keynote speaker, lecturer and practitioner. [more]
Peter Cardwell Speaker Profile

Peter Cardwell

Peter Cardwell - former special adviser to the UK Government delivering advice, crisis management and media handling in tumultuous times. [more]
Ufuk Tarhan Speaker Profile

Ufuk Tarhan

Speaker Ufuk Tarhan is a digital futurist, economist, author and is President of The Digital Agency in Istanbul [more]
Jay Richards Speaker Profile

Jay Richards

Jay Richards - speaker on marketing, Generation Z and entrepreneurship. [more]
Gareth Davies Speaker Profile

Gareth Davies

Gareth Davies is a highly experienced TV and radio presenter, an event and awards host who also trains people to be great presenters! [more]
David Landsman Speaker Profile

David Landsman

Speaker Dr David Landsman is a former senior British diplomat and corporate executive whose specialisation is at the interface between business and geo-politics [more]
Audrey Allwood Speaker Profile

Audrey Allwood

Dr Audrey Allwood, speaker on health and well-being and anthropologist of Caribbean migration and belonging. [more]
Simon Akam Speaker Profile

Simon Akam

Speaker Simon Akam is a British journalist, historian of the British Army, and writer on the Covid-19 pandemic. [more]
Ivor Cummins Speaker Profile

Ivor Cummins

Ivor Cummins - speaker on technical leadership, medical innovation, and the statistics of pandemics. [more]
Giles Godbold Speaker Profile

Giles Godbold

Giles Godbold speaks on the future of commercial property sector - in retail, office, hospitality, and data centres. [more]
Piers Corfield Speaker Profile

Piers Corfield

Piers Corfield speaks at the intersection of innovation, engineering, and investment. [more]
Amar Latif Speaker Profile

Amar Latif

Amar Latif, speaker, entrepreneur, adventurer, and advocate for visual impaired people everywhere. [more]
Julia Bauer Speaker Profile

Julia Bauer

Julia Bauer is a bilingual moderator, host, reporter and consecutive interpreter in German and English. [more]
Joe Britto Speaker Profile

Joe Britto

Joe Britto - helping leaders to overcome business challenges and to develop teams for the future. [more]
James Delingpole Speaker Profile

James Delingpole

James Delingpole says in a loud voice plenty of the things sloshing around in your head that you hitherto have left unsaid. He makes you laugh, and he makes you think. You'll feel free [more]
Rachel Cunliffe Speaker Profile

Rachel Cunliffe

Rachel Cunliffe is a political journalist, speaker, and broadcaster and is currently deputy online editor at the New Statesman. [more]
Callum Thomas Speaker Profile

Callum Thomas

Callum Thomas is the world's first Professor of Professor of Sustainable Aviation. [more]
Emily Sheffield Speaker Profile

Emily Sheffield

Emily Sheffield was editor of London's Evening Standard and drove the digital transformation of the celebrated title. [more]
Kate Hardcastle Speaker Profile

Kate Hardcastle

Kate Hardcastle - speaker on consumer insight the future of the retail industry. [more]
Michael Wolff Speaker Profile

Michael Wolff

One of the great narrative journalists alive today. Chronicler of the Trump White House, he writes and speaks on the rich and famous, the good and the bad, and the exercise of great power. [more]
Mark Barton Speaker Profile

Mark Barton

Mark Barton is a superb and highly experienced live in-person and virtual conference host. [more]
Alfie Moore Speaker Profile

Alfie Moore

Alfie Moore is the comedian who used to be a policeman. [more]
Paul Dolan Speaker Profile

Paul Dolan

Professor Paul Dolan - speaker on happiness and how can we make better decisions. [more]
Gabrielle Hase Speaker Profile

Gabrielle Hase

Gabrielle Hase - speaker on e-commerce and retail with digital strategy expertise in depth. [more]
Jack Stratten Speaker Profile

Jack Stratten

Jack Stratten is an accomplished and highly informed speaker on retail and the future of retail. [more]
Capri Cafaro Speaker Profile

Capri Cafaro

Capri Cafaro was ten years a Senator in the Ohio State legislature and known today for her healthcare and infrastructure policy expertise. Plus her passion for the traditions of great [more]
René Carayol Speaker Profile

René Carayol

Rene Carayol specialises in business leadership, culture, and transformation. He helps leaders to inspire their people to do the things others said could not be done. [more]
Ayesha Hazarika Speaker Profile

Ayesha Hazarika

Ayesha Hazarika is a speaker, broadcaster, political commentator, former adviser to Ed Miliband and Harriet Harman. [more]
Professor Turi King Speaker Profile

Professor Turi King

Professor Turi King speaker on DNA, genetics, and ancestry known for her remarkable work in identifying King Richard III. Professor Turi King agent for speaking and presentation in both [more]
Paul Feldwick Speaker Profile

Paul Feldwick

Paul Feldwick: advertising, marketing and popular culture and author of Why Does The Pedlar Sing? [more]
Natasha Loder Speaker Profile

Natasha Loder

Natasha Loder speaker on vaccines, is Health Policy Editor of The Economist and presenter on the coronavirus podcast, The Jab. [more]
Darryl Davis Speaker Profile

Darryl Davis

Darryl Davis, speaker, is The Klan Whisperer, a man with wisdom on conflict, hate, intolerance. [more]
Kathryn Parsons Speaker Profile

Kathryn Parsons

Kathryn Parsons speaks on digital literacy and digital education, CEO of Decoded. [more]
Ed Newton-Rex Speaker Profile

Ed Newton-Rex

Ed Newton-Rex - entrepreneur, composer, and speaker on AI and creativity. Product Director for Europe at TikTok. [more]
Timothy Armoo Speaker Profile

Timothy Armoo

Timothy Armoo - named in Forbes 30 Under 30, CEO and founder of Fanbytes, a leading influencer marketing business. [more]
Susannah Streeter Speaker Profile

Susannah Streeter

Susannah Streeter - virtual and real world expert host, anchor, and moderator with superb sectoral knowledge. [more]
Ben Hammersley Speaker Profile

Ben Hammersley

Ben Hammersley - speaker on the digital world, infosec, cyber-security, cyber-conflict, and cyber-crime. Ben is a contributing editor to Wired magazine. [more]
Jonathan Tanner Speaker Profile

Jonathan Tanner

Jonathan Tanner - exploring and explaining how technology will affect politics and governance. [more]
Loveena Tandon Speaker Profile

Loveena Tandon

Loveena Tandon - foreign Correspondent and presenter for the India Today Group in London [more]
Peter Plisner Speaker Profile

Peter Plisner

Peter Plisner - transport correspondent. Expert on transport policy, its impact on business and the big picture of UK transport future on cities and regions. [more]
Adrian Hayes Speaker Profile

Adrian Hayes

Adrian Hayes is an adventurer, author, keynote speaker, leadership and team consultant and coach, television documentary presenter and sustainability campaigner. [more]
Kaddu Kiwe Sebunya Speaker Profile

Kaddu Kiwe Sebunya

Kaddu Kiwe Sebunya is CEO of the African Wildlife Foundation dedicated to thriving wildlife and wildlands in Africa. [more]
Ross King Speaker Profile

Ross King

Ross King - host and interviewer, USA correspondent for Good Morning Britain. [more]
Karen Blackett Speaker Profile

Karen Blackett

Karen Blackett speaker on marketing is CEO of Group M. [more]
Anne-Marie Imafidon Speaker Profile

Anne-Marie Imafidon

Anne-Marie Imafidon speaker on women in STEM and co-founder of The Stemettes, the social initiative dedicated to inspiring a new generation of young women in Science, Technology, [more]
Nicola Blackwood Speaker Profile

Nicola Blackwood

Baroness Nicola Blackwood speaker on health policy: served as a Health Minister under two Prime Ministers with responsibilities including life sciences research, medicines regulation, [more]
Misha Glenny Speaker Profile

Misha Glenny

Misha Glenny - speaker on organised crime and cyber-security, author of McMafia. [more]
Matt Littlejohn Speaker Profile

Matt Littlejohn

Matt Littlejohn - speaker on oceans, plastics, and the protection and restoration of our marine environment. [more]
Chika Russell Speaker Profile

Chika Russell

Chika Russell - food entrepreneur, mentor, and presenter, creator of Chika's. [more]
Dwayne Fields Speaker Profile

Dwayne Fields

Dwayne Fields - adventurer and explorer, first young black Briton to walk to the North Pole helping young people connect with the natural world. [more]
Tina McGuff Speaker Profile

Tina McGuff

Tina McGuff helping individuals and organisations understand and cope with their mental health challenges. [more]
Mark Adams Speaker Profile

Mark Adams

Mark Adams - Vice President and Head of Innovation at VICE Media, expert voice on digital inclusion and expertise. [more]
Rasmus Ankersen Speaker Profile

Rasmus Ankersen

Rasmus Ankersen - author, entrepreneur, football club director, and advisor on high-performance development. [more]
Daniel James Henry Speaker Profile

Daniel James Henry

Daniel James Henry. TV and event host and speaker Daniel is currently with BBC Africa where has produced and presented the documentary series African Diaspora Diaries. [more]
Cate Trotter Speaker Profile

Cate Trotter

Cate Trotter is one of the retail industry's most influential people - helping brands to survive and thrive. [more]
Pierre-Yves Gerbeau Speaker Profile

Pierre-Yves Gerbeau

Pierre-Yves Gerbeau - turning around the fortunes of the Millennium Dome now Chief Executive of London Resort [more]
Paul Laidlaw Speaker Profile

Paul Laidlaw

Paul Laidlaw speaker, auctioneer and antiques expert on BBC Antiques Roadtrip. Specialist Speakers is nominated by Paul Laidlaw agent for speaking and presentation in both in-person and [more]
Dr Hannah Fry Speaker Profile

Dr Hannah Fry

Dr Hannah Fry - Associate Professor in the Mathematics of Cities at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL, presenter of 'Contagion! The BBC Four Pandemic' [more]
Nina Schick Speaker Profile

Nina Schick

Nina Schick speaker on generative AI, misinformation, deep fakes, and the future of ethics and artificial intelligence. [more]
Sabrina Cohen-Hatton Speaker Profile

Sabrina Cohen-Hatton

Sabrina Cohen-Hatton - the UK's most senior female firefighter, author of 'The Heat of The Moment'. Homeless at fifteen, now an inspirational role-model, public servant, and motivational [more]
Mandy Hickson Speaker Profile

Mandy Hickson

Mandy Hickson flew RAF Tornado jets in combat. Today, she speaks on empowerment, decision making under pressure and her journey as a woman in the armed forces. [more]
Dr George Leeson Speaker Profile

Dr George Leeson

Dr George Leeson - Director of the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, Dr George Leeson is a leading authority on ageing. [more]
Jason Mohammad Speaker Profile

Jason Mohammad

Anchor on BBC1 'Final Score' and brilliant live event and awards host and presenter. Contact Jason Mohammad via a Specialist Speakers agent. [more]
Caspar Berry Speaker Profile

Caspar Berry

Caspar Berry - poker player speaking on decision-making and risk in the real world. [more]
Alan Beattie Speaker Profile

Alan Beattie

Alan Beattie, senior trade writer at the Financial Times, based in Brussels, speaking on trade and globalisation. [more]
Jacob Turner Speaker Profile

Jacob Turner

Jacob Turner speaker and international lawyer with a specialisation in the ethics and regulation of artificial intelligence. [more]
Jenni Field Speaker Profile

Jenni Field

Jenni Field - helping business to understand the essential art of communication for teams and workers. [more]
Bonita Norris Speaker Profile

Bonita Norris

Bonita Norris - adventurer - is the youngest person in the world to have reached both the North Pole and the summit of Everest [more]
Lucy Kellaway Speaker Profile

Lucy Kellaway

Lucy Kellaway - writer on management and corporate culture turned teacher of mathematics [more]
John Humphrys Speaker Profile

John Humphrys

John Humphrys - host and interviewer on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme until 2019, host of Mastermind [more]
Lara Morgan Speaker Profile

Lara Morgan

Lara Morgan is entrepreneur, investor, mother, triathlete, and a great speaker. [more]
Nigel Harris Speaker Profile

Nigel Harris

Nigel Harris, speaker on all things railway and Managing Editor and Events Director of RAIL magazine [more]
Piers Taylor Speaker Profile

Piers Taylor

Piers Taylor speaker and one of the most exciting architects of our time. TV presenter of 'The World's Most Extraordinary Homes' [more]
Colin Maclachlan Speaker Profile

Colin Maclachlan

Colin Maclachlan - former SAS soldier involved in many high profile and daring missions [more]
Ed Stafford Speaker Profile

Ed Stafford

Ed Stafford - adventurer and explorer, the only person to walk the entire length of the Amazon [more]
Dr Sara Walker Speaker Profile

Dr Sara Walker

Sara Walker is expert on the future of renewables and innovative power generation and distribution systems. [more]
Jamie Weller Speaker Profile

Jamie Weller

Jamie Weller - with a loss of sight and the vocation he loved Jamie has gone on to live life to the full and to truly inspire. [more]
Kelly Holmes Speaker Profile

Kelly Holmes

Kelly Holmes - Great British Olympic athlete, Dame Kelly Holmes is a speaker, writer, broadcaster, business woman and leader in fitness and mental health. [more]
Heather Mills Speaker Profile

Heather Mills

Heather Mills - celebrity entrepreneur bringing vegan food to a mass market. [more]
Peter MacMahon Speaker Profile

Peter MacMahon

Peter MacMahon - host, presenter, and specialist speaker on UK politics and the Scottish political scene. [more]
Hamish Taylor Speaker Profile

Hamish Taylor

Hamish Taylor - CEO and now an inspirational speaker and broadcaster on innovation, organisations, customer service. [more]
Professor Sarah Harper Speaker Profile

Professor Sarah Harper

Professor Sarah Harper - specialist speaker on ageing and demographic change in the 21st century [more]
David Allen Green Speaker Profile

David Allen Green

David Allen Green is a speaker, writer and lawyer with a particular interest in explaining complex messy situations, and of course, Brexit. [more]
Iain MacWhirter Speaker Profile

Iain MacWhirter

Iain MacWhirter - one of Scotland's best-known and influential political journalists. [more]
Peter Hawthorne Speaker Profile

Peter Hawthorne

Peter Hawthorne is the expert on the Animal Victoria Cross, the medal awarded by the animal charity PDSA for acts of loyalty and bravery by animals in the service of humans. [more]
Dr Lida Hujic Speaker Profile

Dr Lida Hujic

Dr Lida Huji? speaker, innovation and trends consultant, curator, public speaker, and author. [more]
Alf Young Speaker Profile

Alf Young

Alf Young has written, broadcast and commented on issues affecting Scotland and the wider world for the past thirty-five years. [more]
Maxine Mawhinney Speaker Profile

Maxine Mawhinney

Leading Belfast born British broadcaster, news anchor, moderator and conference chair. [more]
Sophie Power Speaker Profile

Sophie Power

Sophie Power - entrepreneur, mother, and ultra-runner, speaker on our health, our environment, extreme endurance and achievement. [more]
Beth Rigby Speaker Profile

Beth Rigby

Beth Rigby is one of the UK's most respected and instantly recognised TV journalists. [more]
Jonathon Porritt Speaker Profile

Jonathon Porritt

Jonathon Porritt - dedicated to the environment since 1974, former Director of Friends of the Earth and the UK Sustainable Development Commission. [more]
Polly Toynbee Speaker Profile

Polly Toynbee

Polly Toynbee is a highly respected and renowned columnist writing for The Guardian and campaigner on social justice issues. [more]
Peter York Speaker Profile

Peter York

Peter York - his primary preoccupation is in social behaviour and groups, especially amongst the elite. [more]
John Harris Speaker Profile

John Harris

John Harris - journalist, writer, columnist and commentator on society and culture. [more]
Mirka Skrzypczak Speaker Profile

Mirka Skrzypczak

Mirka Skrzypczak - an authority on the use of blockchain in the banking sector and in trade finance, expert in the future of banking. [more]
Tony Nash Speaker Profile

Tony Nash

Tony Nash - Managing Partner of Complete Intelligence, a data technology business that uses advanced machine learning in delivering forecasts of movements in markets. [more]
Gina Miller Speaker Profile

Gina Miller

Gina Miller - pivotal in the Brexit story, business-woman, social campaigner and lawyer. [more]
Jon Smith Speaker Profile

Jon Smith

Jon Smith - football's super agent, negotiator supreme. [more]
Michael Bociurkiw Speaker Profile

Michael Bociurkiw

Michael Bociurkiw - global affairs analyst, writer, speaker, moderator. His new book 'Digital Pandemic' was published in 2021. [more]
Matt Lindley Speaker Profile

Matt Lindley

Matt Lindley lessons from the flight deck in risk and resilience from a former fighter pilot and 747 captain. [more]
Mark Malloch-Brown Speaker Profile

Mark Malloch-Brown

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown - served as UK Minister of State for Africa, Asia and the UN, as Deputy Secretary-General, former Vice President at the World Bank & Chief of Staff, UN Secretary [more]
Emily Maitlis Speaker Profile

Emily Maitlis

Emily Maitlis - presenter of the BBC flagship current affairs programme, Newsnight an RTS Presenter of the Year 2019. [more]
Jozef Youssef Speaker Profile

Jozef Youssef

Jozef Youssef - founder of Kitchen Theory, renowned chef and researcher into our senses and nutrition. [more]
Theo Randall Speaker Profile

Theo Randall

Theo Randall - former chef at The River Cafe and now chef at The Intercontinental, Mayfair. [more]
Ruth Watson Speaker Profile

Ruth Watson

Ruth Watson - successful hotelier and service quality guru, best known to the public for her role in television series The Hotel Inspector and Country House Rescue. [more]
James Hogan Speaker Profile

James Hogan

James Hogan - founder and Executive Chairman of Knighthood Capital James recently served as President and CEO of the Etihad Aviation Group. [more]
Hannah Critchlow Speaker Profile

Hannah Critchlow

Dr Hannah Critchlow is a scientist dedicated to helping to demystify the workings of the human brain. [more]
Martha Kearney Speaker Profile

Martha Kearney

Martha Kearney presents BBC Radio 4's early morning Today and is now one of the corporation's most respected political journalists. [more]
Zanny Minton Beddoes Speaker Profile

Zanny Minton Beddoes

Susan Zanny Minton Beddoes is the seventeenth editor and first female Editor-in-Chief of The Economist in its 170 year history. [more]
Faisal Islam Speaker Profile

Faisal Islam

Faisal Islam - economics and political correspondent, one of the most recognised faces on British television today. [more]
Merryn Somerset Webb Speaker Profile

Merryn Somerset Webb

Merryn Somerset Webb - editor of Moneyweek and one of the most respected commentators in personal finance journalism today. [more]
Paul Sinha Speaker Profile

Paul Sinha

Paul Sinha - stand-up comedian, broadcaster and brilliant after dinner speaker. Paul Sinha is also a fully qualified doctor and an absolute master awards host. [more]
Nick Timothy Speaker Profile

Nick Timothy

Nick Timothy - formerly Prime Minister Theresa May's joint Chief of Staff, speaker on strategic communications and geopolitical risk. [more]
Peter Campbell Speaker Profile

Peter Campbell

Peter Campbell - Motor Industry Correspondent of the Financial Times (FT) and authority on the automotive manufacturing sector. [more]
Paul Craven Speaker Profile

Paul Craven

Paul Craven - specialist speaker in behavioural economics applied to finance and member of the Magic Circle. [more]
Gethin Jones Speaker Profile

Gethin Jones

Gethin Jones - familiar in both the UK and the USA - is a favourite go-to-guy for hosting television shows as well as a great live events host. [more]
Joe Twyman Speaker Profile

Joe Twyman

Joe Twyman - one of the UK's best known and most respected political and electoral pollsters, co-founder and director of Deltapoll. [more]
Marie Le Conte Speaker Profile

Marie Le Conte

Marie Le Conte - French political journalist based in London she tells Brits what their politics look like from the point of view of someone arriving from outside the Westminster Bubble. [more]
Charles Hendry Speaker Profile

Charles Hendry

Charles Hendry was UK Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change and speaks on renewables including tidal and offshore wind power. [more]
Hal Hodson Speaker Profile

Hal Hodson

Hal Hodson is Tech Correspondent at The Economist, speaking and writing on some of the most exciting and innovative technological developments of our time. [more]
Neil Seligman Speaker Profile

Neil Seligman

Neil Seligman - one of the UK's leading speakers on Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Happiness, and Resilience. [more]
Sally Gethin Speaker Profile

Sally Gethin

Sally Gethin speaker and highly informed journalist working in airline and aviation media. [more]
Carole Walker Speaker Profile

Carole Walker

Carole Walker - BBC Political Correspondent who has covered some of the biggest political stories in recent history including six general elections, the EU referendum and several wars and [more]
Fran Scott Speaker Profile

Fran Scott

Fran Scott - presenter and speaker - pyrotechnician and science content developer at The Royal Institution, face of science on children's TV, and now, engineering television for adult [more]
Martin Stanford Speaker Profile

Martin Stanford

Martin Stanford - a highly experienced TV and radio presenter Michael Stanford is a superb anchor, moderator and host with a particular specialisation in technology. [more]
Anthony Veitch Speaker Profile

Anthony Veitch

Anthony Veitch is one of the few voice artists to work regularly on live event, he has voiced more than two hundred in-person or virtual award shows and conferences with one of the best [more]
John Major Speaker Profile

John Major

John Major was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Leader of the Conservative Party from November 1990 until May 1997. [more]
David Davis Speaker Profile

David Davis

David Davis served as Secretary of State for Exiting the EU [DexEU] following the UK Brexit Referendum from the inception of the department until his resignation in July 2018. [more]
Catrin Nye Speaker Profile

Catrin Nye

Catrin Nye is an award-winning investigative journalist, documentary maker and presenter for the BBC with expertise in politics, media, and current affairs. [more]
Richard Ayoade Speaker Profile

Richard Ayoade

Richard Ayoade - multi award-winning comedian, actor, writer and director nominated for best debut writer/director by BAFTA. [more]
Arturo Bris Speaker Profile

Arturo Bris

Professor Arturo Bris, speaker on financial regulation, insider trading, and A&M legislation plus social mobility and national competitiveness - one of the hundred most read financial [more]
Louise Minchin Speaker Profile

Louise Minchin

Louise Minchin is a radio broadcaster, author, television presenter, event host, and a triathelete representing her country. [more]
George Lee Speaker Profile

George Lee

George Lee began his career in the Metropolitan Constabulary and rose to Chief Inspector. His later business and consultancy career is one of extraordinary success. [more]
Sir Ivan Rogers Speaker Profile

Sir Ivan Rogers

Sir Ivan Rogers - formerly the UK's Permanent Representative to the EU and one of the foremost experts on the European Union and the issues arising from Brexit. [more]
Jamie Susskind Speaker Profile

Jamie Susskind

Jamie Susskind speaker on how digital will shape our futures and how the ability of government and big business to use technology to control society will demand new moral codes and ethics. [more]
Brian McBride Speaker Profile

Brian McBride

Brian McBride has run a major part of one of the most disruptive and innovative companies in the world as CEO of Amazon in the UK. [more]
Dana Denis-Smith Speaker Profile

Dana Denis-Smith

Dana Denis-Smith - high-profile campaigner for helping women in the legal and other professions to balance professional and family life. [more]
David Henig Speaker Profile

David Henig

David Henig - leading expert in Brexit negotiations and now in the trade policy issues arising from Brexit. [more]
Sarah Guedj Speaker Profile

Sarah Guedj

Sarah Guedj - fast-track senior female exec speaks on the challenge of developing a career in an industry still widely male dominated and how to realistically manage personal and [more]
Andrew Grill Speaker Profile

Andrew Grill

Andrew Grill is a renowned speaker on social media, the power of digital disruption and the workplace of the future. [more]
Ella Whelan Speaker Profile

Ella Whelan

Ella Whelan writes for Spiked Online on political issues with a focus on feminism and free speech. [more]
Emily Yates Speaker Profile

Emily Yates

Emily Yates - campaigner for disability rights, accessibility consultant, accessible travel writer and regular presenter for BBC [more]
Samantha Simmonds Speaker Profile

Samantha Simmonds

Samantha Simmonds - journalist, broadcaster, influential blogger, motivational speaker and presenter - has over 20 years experience in journalism and broadcasting. She's a great anchor for [more]
Elizabeth Burton-Phillips Speaker Profile

Elizabeth Burton-Phillips

Elizabeth Burton-Phillips speaks powerfully about addiction issues and how best to help families grappling with these intensely difficult problems. [more]
Myriam Francois Speaker Profile

Myriam Francois

Dr Myriam Francois is a TV presenter, producer and writer with a focus on current affairs, Islam and France. [more]
Camilla Cavendish Speaker Profile

Camilla Cavendish

Camilla Cavendish - investigative journalist and former Head of the Downing Street Policy Unit. [more]
James Robinson Speaker Profile

James Robinson

James Robinson - former senior political advisor who ran the media strategy at the heart of opposition as Director of Communications for the Deputy Leader. [more]
Michael Grade Speaker Profile

Michael Grade

Michael Grade - a distinguished management and leadership career at the top of British broadcasting featuring Friends, ER, Dr Who, Eastenders, and success in four major television [more]
Douglas McWilliams Speaker Profile

Douglas McWilliams

Douglas McWilliams - author and economist - seeks to explain and to present the challenges, and some possible futures, for advanced western economies in the face of the digital [more]
Jim Lawless Speaker Profile

Jim Lawless

Jim Lawless - motivational philosopher and author of Taming Tigers: principles for life and for both personal and corporate achievement. [more]
Ellie Taylor Speaker Profile

Ellie Taylor

Ellie Taylor began her successful and award winning stand up career in 2011 and has rapidly become a huge hit on the UK comedy circuit. [more]
Jo Brand Speaker Profile

Jo Brand

Jo Brand - one of the UK's most recognised and celebrated comediennes, named by The Observer as one of The 50 Funniest Acts in British Comedy and hailed by the Mirror as The best female [more]
Laura Kuenssberg Speaker Profile

Laura Kuenssberg

Laura Kuenssberg: probing political interviewer, BBC Political Editor, and the first woman to take the role in the history of the corporation. [more]
Simon Parker Speaker Profile

Simon Parker

Simon Parker - foreign correspondent, newspaper columnist and travel writer who reports from over thirty countries a year for the BBC, The Telegraph and The Independent. [more]
Sue Saville Speaker Profile

Sue Saville

Sue Saville - specialising in medical and health coverage with more than twenty years of broadcast experience, speaker, moderator, host and media training practitioner. [more]
Sarah Cruddas Speaker Profile

Sarah Cruddas

Sarah Cruddas - space journalist, broadcaster and award-winning author, an authority within the world of space innovation and research. [more]
Dan Davies Speaker Profile

Dan Davies

Dan Davies, speaker: author of 'Lying For Money', a study of commercial fraud, Dan speaks on financial and economic crises, particularly when there is one going on, on financial crimes and [more]
Jeff Lynn Speaker Profile

Jeff Lynn

Jeff Lynn speaker: one of Business Insider's Ten Coolest People in UK Tech, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder of Seedrs, leading European marketplace for private equity investment and the [more]
Lucy Verasamy Speaker Profile

Lucy Verasamy

Lucy Verasamy has fronted ITV Weather since 2012 and is weather expert for the ITV racing team. She is a social media personality and a great host and moderator in climate and renewable [more]
Steph Jeavons Speaker Profile

Steph Jeavons

Steph Jeavons - traveller and adventurer speaking on cultures and communication. The first person to circumnavigate the globe and ride a motorcycle on all seven continents. [more]
Laura Tobin Speaker Profile

Laura Tobin

Laura Tobin - weather presenter and meteorologist and a regular face on BBC News and Weather [more]
Nicki Chapman Speaker Profile

Nicki Chapman

Nicki Chapman - former top publicist and PR executive, now a popular presenter of factual and entertainment programmes. [more]
Katie Derham Speaker Profile

Katie Derham

Katie Derham hosts television documentaries, is the face of the BBC Proms and is a presenter on BBC Radio 3. [more]
Karren Brady Speaker Profile

Karren Brady

Speaker Karren Brady - first woman to break through into the all-male world of soccer. [more]
Ruby Wax Speaker Profile

Ruby Wax

Ruby Wax - three decades in television and Ruby's career has constantly evolved. Today she's also a highly motivated activist for mental health. [more]
Nicholas Watt Speaker Profile

Nicholas Watt

Nicholas Watt - working in national journalism for almost 30 years, reporting on UK and EU politics and expert in the analysis of Brexit developments. [more]
Helen Fospero Speaker Profile

Helen Fospero

Helen Fospero - journalist and presenter, regular on BBC1's The One Show, and reporter for Watchdog. Event host in conference and awards MC. [more]
Gabrielle Walker Speaker Profile

Gabrielle Walker

Gabrielle Walker speaker, is an expert strategist helping businesses to address global challenges of sustainability, energy (oil and gas, utilities and renewables), mobility, finance, [more]
Kate Ancketill Speaker Profile

Kate Ancketill

Kate Ancketill - with enormous shifts in consumer expectations, retail and technology, Kate Ancketill shows businesses how to adapt, innovate and where to best invest resources. [more]
Christopher Biggins Speaker Profile

Christopher Biggins

Christopher Biggins - an ever-present feature of TV output and a significant figure in the consciousness of the British public for almost 40 years. [more]
Sarah Wood Speaker Profile

Sarah Wood

Sarah Wood - award winning female tech entrepreneur, author, digital advertising authority and Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year. [more]
James Levelle Speaker Profile

James Levelle

James Levelle - going out into the wild and doing adventure for real, turning expeditions into charismatic documentary television. [more]
Jerry Smith Speaker Profile

Jerry Smith

Jerry Smith specialises in the management of threats from chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) materials. [more]
Brian Cox Speaker Profile

Brian Cox

Brian Cox - Britain's foremost expert on the wonders of the universe, the man responsible for delivering scientific discovery into the homes of the nation. [more]
Gerald Ratner Speaker Profile

Gerald Ratner

Gerald Ratner - former CEO of Ratner's Group and founder of - notorious for his infamous speech of 1991. [more]
Simon Woodroffe Speaker Profile

Simon Woodroffe

Simon Woodroffe started YO! Sushi and Yotel. He appeared as a dragon in the very first series of BBC2's business show, Dragon's Den. [more]
Sarah Willingham Speaker Profile

Sarah Willingham

Sarah Willingham - successful business woman turned television personality, joined the team of dragons on BBC2 TV's Dragon's Den. [more]
Jon Craig Speaker Profile

Jon Craig

Jon Craig reporting from Westminster for over three decades, a highly experienced print journalist and broadcaster with tremendous insider knowledge on recent Governments and Parliament. [more]
Jason Choy Speaker Profile

Jason Choy

Jason Choy, leading industry expert in security systems and solutions. [more]
Tony Conigliaro Speaker Profile

Tony Conigliaro

Tony Conigliaro - 'The UK's pre-eminent bartender' - excellence in flavour and in customer service. Heston Blumenthal calls him 'revolutionary'. [more]
Harriet Harman Speaker Profile

Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman - the longest serving female MP in the British House of Commons, first ever Minister for Women, with a wealth of political knowledge and experience. [more]
Peter Conradi Speaker Profile

Peter Conradi

Peter Conradi worked in national and international journalism for more than three decades. Author of 'Who Lost Russia? How the World Entered a New Cold War' [more]
Neira Jones Speaker Profile

Neira Jones

Neira Jones: more than 20 years experience in financial services and technology advising and speaking on mobile technologies, payments, cybercrime, information security, regulation, and [more]
Gemma Milne Speaker Profile

Gemma Milne

Gemma Milne - speaking on the cultural impacts of science and technology focusing on innovation in business start-ups, and on the role of women within the world of STEM. [more]
Alastair Darling Speaker Profile

Alastair Darling

Alastair Darling - former Labour MP and Chancellor of the Exchequer who steered the United Kingdom through the worst financial crisis of modern times. [more]
Jen Brister Speaker Profile

Jen Brister

Jen Brister - comedian Jen has performed across the UK and internationally as a solo artist, host and member of sketch groups. Called 'outrageously funny' by The Metro! [more]
Mark Earls Speaker Profile

Mark Earls

Mark Earls - an adman who has run advertising agencies both large and small. A speaker whose award-winning work applies contemporary behavioural and cognitive science to the business of [more]
Karina Hollekim Speaker Profile

Karina Hollekim

Karina Hollekim - Norwegian author and athlete who suffered a near-fatal crash after her chute failed during a routine parachuting jump. [more]
Colin Brazier Speaker Profile

Colin Brazier

Colin Brazier - interviewing some of the most significant statesmen and women of the last twenty years and reporting from fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Libya. [more]
Clare Balding Speaker Profile

Clare Balding

Clare Balding First Lady of British Sport began her career as a jockey, she transitioned into the world of broadcasting with a television debut at Royal Ascot. [more]
Claudia Winkleman Speaker Profile

Claudia Winkleman

Claudia Winkleman - presenter of the flagship prime time Strictly Come Dancing, a versatile talent writing, broadcasting, hosting or presenting. [more]
Paul Johnson Speaker Profile

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson - former director of public spending at HM Treasury. Speaker on the economics of public policy including tax, welfare, inequality, pensions, education, climate change and [more]
Kevin McCloud Speaker Profile

Kevin McCloud

Kevin McCloud - the definitive name in sustainable architecture and self-builds, presenter of Channel 4's 'Grand Designs'. [more]
Nigella Lawson Speaker Profile

Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson - journalist, broadcaster, television personality, gourmet, author, self-proclaimed Domestic Goddess and one most recognisable faces in the food business today. [more]
Kirsty Young Speaker Profile

Kirsty Young

Kirsty Young - the former presenter of the classic Desert Island Discs has had the privilege of interviewing some of the most significant and influential people of our time. [more]
Jonny Dymond Speaker Profile

Jonny Dymond

Jonny Dymond presents The World At One on BBC Radio 4 and The World This Weekend. He is Royal Correspondent for BBC News. [more]
Ian King Speaker Profile

Ian King

Ian King - two time winner of the British Journalist of the Year Award, superbly informative about business today and the impact of the digital age on news delivery. [more]
Mary Portas Speaker Profile

Mary Portas

Mary Portas speaks on consumer behaviour and the retail economy with a critical insight born of decades of practical experience and examines how the best retailers can respond to market [more]
Ed Cooke Speaker Profile

Ed Cooke

Ed Cooke - creates mind boggling feats of memory, feats that can change lives, prompting success in learning and in business performance. [more]
Raina Brands Speaker Profile

Raina Brands

Dr Raina Brands speaks on organisational behaviour and women in leadership. She specialises in research into gender bias in organisations through the lens of social networks. [more]
Sally Gunnell Speaker Profile

Sally Gunnell

Gold medal winner at the 1992 Olympics. Showing an audience how she works to maintain her own resilience on the sports field, in business, and at home. [more]
Robert Reiner Speaker Profile

Robert Reiner

Robert Reiner pursues remarkable research into neuro-prosthetics. He specialises in human motion synthesis, exo-skeletons, wearable robotics, bio mechanics, virtual reality, human machine [more]
Catharina James Speaker Profile

Catharina James

Catharina James - trail blazing scientist in the field of the twenty-first century wonder material, graphene. Expert in its development, uses and commercial exploitation. [more]
Peter Frankopan Speaker Profile

Peter Frankopan

Peter Frankopan speaker, one of the world's leading historians, author of The Silk Roads: A New History of the World explaining the importance of Asia, and China's One Belt One Road. [more]
Tim Shipman Speaker Profile

Tim Shipman

Tim Shipman - Political Editor of the Sunday Times - is one of the most experienced reporters and observational commentators of Westminster life. He is one of the UK's most informed [more]
Jan Ravens Speaker Profile

Jan Ravens

Jan Ravens - one of the country's greatest impressionists and great stand-up host for intelligent corporate audiences. [more]
Lalage 'Lally' Snow Speaker Profile

Lalage 'Lally' Snow

Lalage 'Lally' Snow - photojournalist, writer and filmmaker. An original, creative and intrepid storyteller. [more]
Paul Connolly Speaker Profile

Paul Connolly

Paul Connolly - experienced television, radio broadcaster and investigative journalist focussed on undercover work, covert filming and confrontations with criminals. [more]
Anand Menon Speaker Profile

Anand Menon

Professor Anand Menon is a leading analyst of British and European politics, and one of the UK's foremost commentators on Brexit and the future of the European Union. [more]
Richard Shotton Speaker Profile

Richard Shotton

Richard Shotton explains the motivations and behaviours that drive people's buying decisions. [more]
Dario Floreano Speaker Profile

Dario Floreano

Professor Dario Floreano is one of the world's leading experts in robotics and artificial intelligence. [more]
Jeremy White Speaker Profile

Jeremy White

Jeremy White - executive editor at Wired, has been writing on technology and design for over a decade. He speaks on technology future, innovation, business, and society. [more]
George Magnus Speaker Profile

George Magnus

George Magnus - an economist and commentator - is an Associate at the China Centre, Oxford University. He is author of 'The Age of Aging' and 'Uprising: will emerging markets shape or [more]
John Biggs Speaker Profile

John Biggs

John Biggs - entrepreneur, writer, and technophile, Editor-At-Large for - the highly respected source of fact and information on digital technology, internet culture, and [more]
Juergen Hoebarth Speaker Profile

Juergen Hoebarth

Juergen Hoebarth - international speaker and expert in trading cryptocurrencies and successfully investing in blockchain based companies through ICOs. [more]
Sam Wouters Speaker Profile

Sam Wouters

Sam Wouters - international speaker on blockchain, bitcoin and digital transformation. [more]
Julie Deane Speaker Profile

Julie Deane

Julie Deane - established The Cambridge Satchel Company with her mother in 2008 with £600, today it is valued at £40 million. She is committed to preserving British [more]
Suzie Imber Speaker Profile

Suzie Imber

Suzie Imber - winner of the BBC 2 series entitled 'Astronauts: Do You Have What it Takes?' and Associate Professor of Planetary Science at the University of Leicester. [more]
Jeremy Hunter Speaker Profile

Jeremy Hunter

Jeremy Hunter - photo-journalist, writer, broadcaster and lecturer, noted for his acclaimed illustrated first-person reportage - North Korea Exposed. [more]
Jane Merrick Speaker Profile

Jane Merrick

Jane Merrick - former political editor and is now a contributor for The Independent and co-editor of the online news and opinion platform @the_spoon [more]
Debra Searle Speaker Profile

Debra Searle

Debra Searle - professional adventurer, diversity ambassador, entrepreneur and TV presenter. [more]
Katie Piper Speaker Profile

Katie Piper

Katie Piper - television presenter, philanthropist and former model, was the victim of a shocking acid attack that left her blind in one eye. [more]
Sally Magnusson Speaker Profile

Sally Magnusson

Sally Magnusson - highly experienced, award-winning journalist, broadcaster, author, skilled interviewer, conference facilitator and awards host [more]
Michael Sidgmore Speaker Profile

Michael Sidgmore

Michael Sidgmore - one of the most experienced and respected authorities in the field of FinTech speaking today. [more]
Antony Slumbers Speaker Profile

Antony Slumbers

Antony Slumbers - leading authority in the field of PropTech, founder of Estates Today, and Vicinitee. [more]
Natasha Kaplinsky Speaker Profile

Natasha Kaplinsky

Natasha Kaplinsky - news anchor, celebrity, patron of the medical relief agency Merlin and The Willow Foundation and an Ambassador for Save The Children. [more]
Claire Lomas Speaker Profile

Claire Lomas

Claire Lomas - the first (and only) paralysed person to walk the London Marathon using a pioneering robotic suit. [more]
Jamie Woodruff Speaker Profile

Jamie Woodruff

Jamie Woodruff - the man who has found vulnerabilities in Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube and in a lot of other well-known online applications [more]
Stephen Davies Speaker Profile

Stephen Davies

Stephen Davies - award winning social media strategist and expert in the rise of social networks, particularly in political campaigning. [more]
Desmond MacCarthy Speaker Profile

Desmond MacCarthy

Desmond MacCarthy - charismatic star of BBC2's series Normal for Norfolk - is a businessman with a difference, a truly unique personality and a great speaker and host. [more]
Michael Driver Speaker Profile

Michael Driver

Michael Driver is a practitioner in negotiating the sale of equity and businesses. Once a year he gets himself involved in Kilkenomics, the Festival of Comedy and Economics which takes [more]
Stefan Stern Speaker Profile

Stefan Stern

Stefan Stern - speaker and former director of the High Pay Centre, dedicated to the study of the future world of work and what automation will mean for us all. [more]
Perry McCarthy Speaker Profile

Perry McCarthy

Perry McCarthy - the man who was 'The Stig' on BBC's phenomenally successful 'Top Gear' [more]
Esther McVey Speaker Profile

Esther McVey

Esther McVey worked for 12 years as a broadcaster and producer and was the youngest female host of ITV's breakfast news. In 2010 she was elected as the first Conservative MP on Merseyside [more]
Geoff White Speaker Profile

Geoff White

Geoff White presents and explores technology news, breaking stories and analysis for Channel 4 News. [more]
Richard Watson Speaker Profile

Richard Watson

Richard Watson - futurist, best-selling author, acclaimed speaker and scenario intellect [more]
Philip Ross Speaker Profile

Philip Ross

Philip Ross - author, speaker, advisor and commentator on the future relationship between people and technology. [more]
Imran Awan Speaker Profile

Imran Awan

Imran Awan - author, academic, researcher, commentator and advisor to Government on hate crime, Islam, terrorism and cybercrime and its impact on society. [more]
Crista Cullen Speaker Profile

Crista Cullen

Crista Cullen - three time Olympian, outstanding speaker on peak performance and being the best you can be. [more]
Andy Bounds Speaker Profile

Andy Bounds

Andy Bounds - correspondent in Brussels covering Brexit, trade, health and European politics for the Financial Times [more]
Kevin Murray Speaker Profile

Kevin Murray

Kevin Murray - business leader, best-selling author and speaker on strategic communications, reputation management and leadership communications. [more]
William Hopkins Speaker Profile

William Hopkins

William Hopkins is a global leader in the field of smart homes and remote technologies. He is a KNX Partner, Member of the British Computer Society and Member of the Institution of [more]
Stephanie Flanders Speaker Profile

Stephanie Flanders

Stephanie Flanders - former BBC journalist, now the chief market strategist for Britain and Europe at J.P. Morgan Asset Management. [more]
Joan Latta Speaker Profile

Joan Latta

Joan Latta - inspirational speaker with Cerebral Palsy, who shares insights on the realities of living with a disability. [more]
Martyn Lewis Speaker Profile

Martyn Lewis

Martyn Lewis -legendary journalist and newsreader who presented a multitude of programmes for the BBC throughout his career. [more]
Andy Parsons Speaker Profile

Andy Parsons

Andy Parsons - host of Slacktivist Action Group podcast, featuring guests MPs, experts, journalists and even other comedians [more]
Rob Waugh Speaker Profile

Rob Waugh

Rob Waugh - top technology and science journalist writing about the weirder and more outlandish side of science. [more]
Jamie Bartlett Speaker Profile

Jamie Bartlett

Jamie Bartlett speaker, author, journalist, and researcher focusing on cyber security, privacy, analysis and digital cultures. [more]
Katherine Grainger Speaker Profile

Katherine Grainger

Katherine Grainger - Britain's most decorated female Olympian, offers insights on team-work and communication for success. [more]
Sir Clive Woodward Speaker Profile

Sir Clive Woodward

Sir Clive Woodward - former head coach of the Rugby World Cup winning England team of 2003 and Team GB Director of Sport for the 2012 London Olympics. [more]
James Cracknell Speaker Profile

James Cracknell

James Cracknell - double gold medal winning Olympic athlete who has taken part in grueling endurance races and adventures. [more]
Will Greenwood Speaker Profile

Will Greenwood

Will Greenwood - one of the true Rugby greats, he provides analysis for Sky on rugby and presents Sky TV's School of Hard Knocks. [more]
Martin Bayfield Speaker Profile

Martin Bayfield

Martin Bayfield - former top England Rugby and the British and Irish Lions player, now co-presenter for BBC 1's Crimewatch. [more]
Lawrence Dallaglio Speaker Profile

Lawrence Dallaglio

Lawrence Dallaglio - former captain of the England Rugby team, making more than 200 appearances for his club and earning 85 caps. [more]
Matt Dawson Speaker Profile

Matt Dawson

Matt Dawson - a member of the England team that won the 2003 Rugby World Cup, now presenting BBC Radio 5 Live's rugby coverage. [more]
Martin Johnson Speaker Profile

Martin Johnson

Martin Johnson led England to glory in their victorious 2003 Rugby World Cup campaign and was England manager between 2008 and 2011. [more]
Tim Ewart Speaker Profile

Tim Ewart

Tim Ewart - former ITV News Royal Editor, author, and former international reporter for ITN. [more]
Camilla Tominey Speaker Profile

Camilla Tominey

Camilla Tominey - journalist and broadcaster whose coverage of the royal family has made her one of Britain's foremost experts on royal affairs. [more]
Kate Williams Speaker Profile

Kate Williams

Kate Williams - historian and broadcaster, specialist in modern history, royal and constitutional affairs. [more]
Richard Davies Speaker Profile

Richard Davies

Richard Davies - former economic advisor to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rt. Hon George Osborne at HM Treasury. [more]
Tim Harford Speaker Profile

Tim Harford

Tim Harford - FT writer and BBC Radio 4's More or Less presenter. His expertise lies in taking complex ideas and communicating them in terms that all can comprehend. [more]
Rita Payne Speaker Profile

Rita Payne

Rita Payne - former BBC Asia Editor and news editor, producer and presenter at BBC World Service radio. Expert moderator and current affairs discussion leader. [more]

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