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Patrick Fagan


Patrick Fagan behavioural scientist, author, keynote speaker, lecturer and practitioner.

Speaker Patrick Fagan is a behavioural scientist with more than a decade of experience in applying psychology practically in influencing real world behaviour. He is co-founder of Capuchin Behavioural Science having previously been Lead Psychologist at Cambridge Analytica. For more than a decade Patrick has consulted and run research and experiments for brands, both blue chip and niche, across across a whole range of business sectors. And of course Patrick has worked as a behavioural scientist on political campaigns, from local to presidential, in Europe and in North America.

Patrick Fagan is a part-time and guest lecturer at three universities in London and has published peer-reviewed papers on topics as fascinating and diverse as the psychology of FacebooCover of Hooked by Patrick Fagan published by Pearsonk to the understanding of our facial expressions. His book on the psychology of effective marketing communications, Hooked, Revealing The Hidden Tricks Of Memorable Marketing‘ is published by Pearson and sets out to tells us ‘why cute sells’ and other marketing magic that it seems we just can’t resist.

Rory Sutherland wrote of Hooked: ‘Transplanting an idea is a little like transplanting a human organ: the natural response is to reject it. Patrick Fagan’s book gives you access to the psychological equivalent of immuno-suppressents – the creative techniques and stories which allow a new idea or message to avoid automatic rejection’

Patrick Fagan contributes to mainstream media channels including the BBC, Evening Standard, and The Spectator – both for commentary and full articles and is a frequent public speaker at events including Talks at Google and Nudgestock.


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