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Adrian Atkinson

Dr Adrian Atkinson


Dr Adrian Atkinson, business psychologist, strategic advisor and executive coach travels the world reorganising companies and advising CEOs and senior management. Drawing on 30 years’ experience working with a wide range of companies of all sizes, from all sectors, Adrian is an enthusiastic and inspirational coach and speaker.

Following a recent corporate event one delegate commented: Best speaker I ever met, he took complex questions and theories and made them into down-to-earth solutions.

Adrian specialises in revitalising companies, ensuring that business objectives are achieved through having the right people in the right roles. This can involve developing a new vision and mission for the company, coaching and developing senior managers, creating or restoring focus on wealth creation and managing organisational culture as well as identifying and developing key people and high performance teams.

Retained as strategic advisor to the board of several international companies, Adrian’s work has taken him as far afield as the jungles of Borneo, the streets of Jerusalem and the frozen seas of the Arctic Circle. Malcolm McClean, founder of Bearhunt recently described Adrian as speaking “in one of those soft, soothing Scots accents, so that if he were a medical doctor you would conclude that he had a good bedside manner.” This combination of empathy and firmness has often been critical to the success of Adrian’s projects, with well-known CEOs and business figures relying heavily on his advice and expertise.

In his excellent book Leading HR – Delivering Competitive Advantage Andrew Newall, Corporate Human Resources Director for Allied Domecq described his experience of working with Adrian: “Over time I saw Adrian work his magic and each of the directors grow.”

Through many years of work with some very charismatic business leaders Adrian has developed his fascination with the entrepreneur into an area of expertise. This particular specialism led to him being selected as the lead expert and commentator in the BBC series Mind of a Millionaire. Since then he has regularly been called upon to comment upon the characteristics of this typically misunderstood business personality. However, Adrian is the first to admit that fascinating as they may be, entrepreneurs are not always a positive force in a corporate environment.


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