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John Spiers

Professor John Spiers


John Spiers has been a Visiting Professor at the University of Glamorgan and he was appointed in 2001 to the Board of the new National Care Standards Commission, on which he served until 2004. Professor Spiers appointed the first-ever Patient’s Advocate in an NHS Hospital.

He is a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs, specialising in health care and public policy. In 2001 he was a founder member of the Advisory Council of Reform. He has previously served for 5 years as Health Policy Adviser to The Social Market Foundation, and as Chairman of The Health Policy Committee of The Centre for Policy Studies. In 1999 was an Adjunct Scholar at The Cascade Policy Institute, Portland, Oregon, studying American health care policy.

He was a member of the John Major’s Prime Minister’s Citizen’s Charter Advisory Panel. He was Chairman of Brighton Health Authority, Brighton Health Care Trust, the NHS SE Region David Salomons Management Centre, and The Patients Association, whose re-launch he led in 1995.

Prof. Spiers latest book Who Decides Who Decides is a radical argument for the reform of health and social care in Britain.

Taking full account of the final report on the future of the NHS by Lord Darzi, John Spiers presents cutting-edge arguments for how the public can obtain the standard of care that the state has promised for over 60 years and failed to deliver.

The changes he urges include:

• individual financial empowerment with everyone holding a tax-based health savings account
• ending local Primary Care Trust monopolies, to be replaced by competing purchasers
• an independent Disclosure and Information Commission
• the contestability of the management of large district hospitals and of A & E
• a new rapprochement between medical professionals and service users in a market

The book examines: ●What is the case for choice, ●How can choice be made real for the individual, ●What impact can genuine, individually financially-empowered choice have on effective funding, purchasing, delivery, and outcomes, ●How can a genuine market grow and thrive, ●How can the quest for choice include the large numbers of NHS and social care staff on whom success depends?

Professor Spiers is familiar through extensive consultative studies of European healthcare models and especially favours the inclusiveness, individual access and responsiveness to the individual which insurance models guarantee. Technology is key to the future of health management efficiencies, consumer education and informed choice driven access to best care services.


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