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Katie Phillips

Katie Phillips


Katie transformed her deep instinct that a fulfilled life is our right into a business when deep dissatisfaction pushed her onto a personal and spiritual journey which completely changed the landscape of her life. She is on a mission to help women create a life that rocks . Her acclaimed ‘Daring and Mighty’ transformational programmes guide women through a process of deeply knowing and loving themselves.

Katie loves nothing more than sharing with others the importance of having a healthy, loving and conscious relationship with yourself. She helps women to develop a deep sense of self, self-worth and self-love – all fundamental to living a Daring & Mighty life. Her creativity is expressed through her ‘Affirmation Artwork’ – powerful affirmations now available as a range of wall art, stationery and accessories, supporting women on their Daring & Mighty journey.

“I have an unwavering commitment to growth & an insatiable desire for an inspired life which sent me on a life-altering quest reminding me fundamentally who I am with a renewed confidence in myself and the Universe. Daring & Mighty is an expression of that – symbolising, celebrating and encouraging individuals to follow their dreams. To dare to know themselves and have their lives be an authentic and mighty reflection of that.”

Katie has a lifetime interest in spiritual and personal development. She is certified by INLPTA, with an NLP Diploma. She is a Reiki 2 Practitioner and a Graduate of the Hoffman Institute. Katie went on to complete studies from the ‘Advanced Transformation Academy’ in ‘Mastering Mentorship’ and is currently a member of the ‘Gina DeVee Divine Living Coaching Academy’.

Katie’s public talks invite women to take a look at where they are at in their life and to ask themselves, “Do I give myself permission to shine?” She shares her most private and vulnerable stories with humour to inspire others with the truth that anything is possible. That no matter your darkest fears and beliefs, no matter how trapped on the treadmill of life you feel, no matter how ‘yo-yo’ you feel emotionally – there is a way to make immediate and long lasting changes which will gift you with a free and authentic life that every woman deserves. Inside, we all know we are meant to be more of ourselves and Katie shines the way to a more fulfilled, more daring, mightier life!


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