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Tim Berners Lee

Tim Berners-Lee


Sir Tim Berners-Lee is a renowned computer scientist and the inventor of the world wide web. As well as revolutionising society and commerce with that invention he is the director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), overseeing the continued development of the internet.

In 2004 Tim was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and in 2012 he was a part of the Olympics opening ceremony, where he live-tweeted “This is for everyone” from the Olympic stadium.

Tim worked with the UK government under Gordon Brown working to make government collected data become more freely available. He is also a key voice behind the idea of Net Neutrality and leads a coalition of organizations including Google, Facebook and Microsoft that form The Alliance for Affordable Internet.

Lately, Tim has been involved in the endless domain of personal data and the internet. Founding a startup company called Solid, Berners-Lee aims to give users more control over their personal data as well as giving users the power over where their data goes, who is allowed to see is and which applications can access their data.


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