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Brendan Walker

Prof. Brendan Walker


Professor Brendan Walker is the world’s foremost (and probably only) ‘thrill engineer’. Straddling the line between science and art, Brendan seeks to understand the connection between design and emotional responses. His work focuses in particular on experiences that could be described as thrilling and this has led him to work in the world of roller-coaster design as well as more recent forays into digital entertainment. He has appeared and presented numerous engineering and science based series for Channel 4 and Discovery Channel and writes for Science Uncovered magazine.

Brendan is the Managing Director of Aerial, a company specialising in the creation of tailored emotional experiences and drawing on his background as an engineer working at British Aerospace Military Aircraft. Brendan is a unique showman using science as a performing art, with a live show that combines scientific experimentation with wit and ingenuity.


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