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Environmental Speakers



Speakers on the environment are not merely a twenty-first century phenomenon.

The modern environmental movement could be said to have begun in 1962 with the publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. The book led directly to the banning of pesticides such as DDT and to the foundation of the US Environmental Protection Agency. In 1969 Friends of the Earth was founded in San Francisco in 1969. Two years later Greenpeace was created with a direct action agenda.

Climate change [AGW] and plastics in the ocean are on the topical speaking agenda of the twenty-first century but other issues have been important in the past. CFC gases created a hole in the ozone layer. The gases were phased out and damage to the ozone layer is now almost completely healed.

Activists and campaigners have scored some great victories but perhaps public awareness of our environment has often been the result of the popularity of television documentaries. Controversial presenters such as Chris Packham and the late David Bellamy brought challenges to the environment into viewers’ living rooms. And of course Sir Richard Attenbrough can be thanked for the public interest in the environment through the seven absolutely extraordinary BBC series of ‘Life’ documentaries. Environmental Speakers help business to understand the future of environmental action, the climate, and how business can meet its new environmental responsibilities.

James Alexander Profile image

James Alexander

Co-founder of Zopa, the world's oldest peer-to-peer lending service and the largest company of its kind in Europe.... [more]

Benedict Allen Profile image

Benedict Allen

Benedict Allen - one of Britain's leading adventurers - known for his TV programmes - often made with the help of a film crew but typically without! ... [more]

John Banham Profile image

John Banham

Sir John Banham - former Director General of the CBI, Chairman of Kingfisher Group, National Power, NatWest Bank, Whitbread and Johnson Matthey Plc among others.... [more]

Sarah Begum Profile image

Sarah Begum

Sarah Begum is an investigative, anthropological journalist inspired to travel the world and highlight the plight of those without a voice.... [more]

Sumit Bose Profile image

Sumit Bose

Sumit Bose has an easy charm and friendly persona which make him a great choice for corporate events, especially for financial and medical audiences both in-person and virtual.... [more]

John Buck Profile image

John Buck

John Buck - former UK Ambassador and an experienced and capable facilitator between business and governments, particularly in the international oil & gas industry.... [more]

Michael Buerk Profile image

Michael Buerk

Michael Buerk has won more international awards than any other British journalist, on TV since 1973, and hosts BBC Radio 4's Moral Maze and The Choice.... [more]

Hermione Cockburn Profile image

Hermione Cockburn

Hermione Cockburn is an earth scientist and extremely passionate about communicating her subject. She won the BBC Talent "Science on Screen" competition and co-presented What the Ancients Did for Us and Rough Science for BBC 2.... [more]

Dan Cruickshank Profile image

Dan Cruickshank

Dan Cruickshank - author, broadcaster and professor, is a regular on the BBC, best known for his popular series Britain's Best Buildings, Around the World in 80 Treasures and What the Industrial Revolution Did For Us.... [more]

Ann Daniels Profile image

Ann Daniels

Ann Daniels - world record breaking polar explorer - is an inspiration to those who hear her speak. She has led expeditions in the most hostile environments on earth, literally to the very top and bottom of the world, where strong leadership and teamwork are essential ... [more]

Monty Don Profile image

Monty Don

Monty Don speaker, lecturer, television host, and above all, gardener.... [more]

Vasquez Espinoza Profile image

Rosa Vasquez Espinoza

Speaker Dr Rosa Vasquez Espinoza, chemical biologist, conservationist, TV personality, National Geographic Explorer and award-winning artist.... [more]

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