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Michael Bociurkiw


Michael Bociurkiw is a global affairs analyst, writer, speaker, and moderator. His new book Digital Crack will tell the story of our twenty-first century addiction to smartphones and social media and what he describes as ‘the hacking of our brains’.

Michael writes today from a lifetime of experience of news-gathering in some of the most dangerous and difficult regions of the last quarter of a century – on the frontline of history. His writing encompasses geopolitics, the humanitarian sector, public relations, developments in technology, and global health challenges, including the time of Covid.

Michael was spokesperson for the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine where he was a member of the team that arrived at the site of the crash of MH17 twenty-four hours after the aircraft came down.

Michael’s interview roster is impressive including presidents and prime ministers from Canada, Lithuania, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Ukraine, and, he was one of the few journalists to have been granted interviews with the founder of modern Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew.

Michael Bociurkiw reported from the Soviet Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine, from the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square massacre, the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, the handover of Hong Kong from the UK to China, the Football World Cup in South Africa in 2010, and, the Tahrir Square uprising in Egypt’s Arab Spring of 2011. He has worked as an emergency spokesperson and communications expert with numerous relief organizations in more than fifteen countries affected by war and disaster, including Burundi, Colombia, Egypt, Lesotho, Mexico, South Sudan, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan, Nigeria, Turkey, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Laos, and Venezuela.

Michael is a regular guest on BBC World, BBC World Service Radio, CNN International, Al Jazeera English and Bloomberg Radio. He has covered recently the elections in Ukraine, the battle for global polio eradication, the political scandal surrounding Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, and the plight of the Rohingya people. And now his analysis is sought and valued on the implications of 5G and the on-going Huawei story.

Michael has served on staff and written for major publications including the South China Morning Post, Asia Times, Forbes, MSNBC, and the Los Angeles Times. He writes regularly now at CNN Opinion and his recent topics range from elections in Ukraine to the crash of the Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max. He is Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council (Washington, DC).

As of 2023 and 2024 Michael Bociurkiw is reporting on war in Ukraine from Lviv.

Michael Bociurkiw speaker, host, and highly informed panel moderator works around the world from Canada, Portugal and London. Contact Michael Bociurkiw via Specialist Speakers for speaking and presentation in both in-person and virtual settings. Call +44 [0]1455 633289 to speak to an agent.


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