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America was famously built on inward migration. The UK first introduced legislation to limit immigration in 1905. Following World War 2 immigration was encouraged into Britain from the former nations of the empire. The first people to arrive in the UK from the Caribbean on the former German liner Empire Windrush gave the title to the Windrush Generation. By the twenty-first century 'Windrush' had become the name of a political scandal as it became clear that dozens of older immigrants had been deprived of legal rights and deported unlawfully.
Across Europe immigration, both legal and illegal migration became a social and political issue as the war caused millions to flee in search of safety. Migration from sub-Saharan Africa and war in Libya continues to see people risking their lives to try and cross the Mediterranean to the EU.
In 2015 the Willkommenskultur refugee policies of Angel Merkel’s government allowed a large number of asylum seekers to settle in Germany. A year later the situation was being described by her some of her political opponents as Flüchtlingskrise – a refugee crisis. And by 2020 Lebanon was hosting one and a half million refugees. Turkey is hosting more than three million displaced persons.

For more than a century immigration has featured as a major factor in our political discourse. Specialist Speakers on migration speak on the social, political, and economic aspects of one of the most pivotal and controversial aspects of twenty-first century life.

David Olusoga Profile image

David Olusoga

David Olusoga speaker, broadcaster, author, film-maker - historian and chronicler of Black Britain. Contact David Olusoga via a Specialist Speakers agent for engagements, virtual or in-person.... [more]

Audrey Allwood Profile image

Audrey Allwood

Dr Audrey Allwood, speaker on health and well-being and anthropologist of Caribbean migration and belonging.... [more]

Imran Awan Profile image

Imran Awan

Imran Awan - author, academic, researcher, commentator and advisor to Government on hate crime, Islam, terrorism and cybercrime and its impact on society.... [more]

David Blunkett Profile image

David Blunkett

David Blunkett became one of very few blind MPs to reach the front bench and Cabinet, previously chairing the Labour Party nationally and managing education and employment in Tony Blair's first government. ... [more]

Michael Bociurkiw Profile image

Michael Bociurkiw

Michael Bociurkiw - global affairs analyst, writer, speaker, moderator. His new book 'Digital Pandemic' was published in 2021.... [more]

Colin Brazier Profile image

Colin Brazier

Colin Brazier - interviewing some of the most significant statesmen and women of the last twenty years and reporting from fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Libya.... [more]

Anthony Browne Profile image

Anthony Browne

Anthony Browne, Conservative MP since 2019, previously Chief Executive of British Bankers Association.... [more]

Rachel Cunliffe Profile image

Rachel Cunliffe

Rachel Cunliffe is a political journalist, speaker, and broadcaster and is currently deputy online editor at the New Statesman.... [more]

John Denham Profile image

John Denham

John Denham speaks about the new identity politics of England, setting cultural and political developments in a comprehensive international context.... [more]

Myriam Francois Profile image

Myriam Francois

Dr Myriam Francois is a TV presenter, producer and writer with a focus on current affairs, Islam and France.... [more]

Matthew Goodwin Profile image

Matthew Goodwin

Matthew Goodwin - leading authority on extremism, the Eurozone and EU, Brexit and how it may succeed, how we might fight terrorism and what the electorate really think about these issues.... [more]

Mehdi Hasan Profile image

Mehdi Hasan

Mehdi Hasan - Political Editor for Huffington Post, contributor to The Guardian and The Times and author of Summer of Unrest: the Debt Delusion.... [more]

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