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Piers Corfield speaker

Piers Corfield


Piers Corfield speaks at the intersection of innovation, engineering, and investment. He has been a founding director in four technology start-ups – in wireless communications, electronic document management, in mobile communications and latterly in industrial digitisation and the Internet of Things. Piers has served as Chief Technology Officer in three of these.

Piers is the founder and the principal technical architect behind the Oil & Gas pipeline integrity solution IPMS (Intelligent Pipeline Management Solution) enabled by the revolutionary Limpet engineered field equipment. This (retrofit and greenfield) AI driven monitoring solution is providing an answer to the industry’s rapidly growing problem with leak detection, security breaches and asset optimisation in additional to a myriad of additional benefits. The integrity of hydrocarbon infrastructure and the incidents that not only can but do occur have a direct affect on global energy markets, impacting supply and with potential long-term environmental consequences.

Pipelines are critical economic infrastructure which are frequently the focus of geo-political significance as was the case with the Keystone and, in early 2022, is certainly the case with Nordstream 2.

In 2015 Piers Corfield founded Dashboard, a company dedicated to the digitisation of industrial infrastructure by combining leading-edge hardware with SAAS provision to provide remote real-time visibility of the structural health and efficiency of key assets. Dashboard offers end-to-end solutions, combining advanced engineering, leading-edge data analysis, and intuitive visualisation to help people make better decisions – faster. This is a system that continuously monitors infrastructure increasing operational efficiency and mitigating risk. Machine learning is harnessed to create intelligent infrastructure systems not only in pipelines but now also in other major assets such as bridges, tunnels and wind turbines. Dashboard now enjoys an international reputation as one of the rising stars of the Industrial Internet of Things.

In his career Piers has accumulated considerable experience of conceiving and leading strategic initiatives, in intellectual property, and in the raising of capital funding. He has more than one hundred and forty articles published to date and is an active contributor to many of today’s most pressing technology debates.

A highly experienced practioner in the field of business and process improvement, Piers is expert in the areas of communications, hosted systems architecture, enterprise mobility and electronic security. As a speaker Piers Corfield is able not only to illuminate the future of AI systems in oil and gas and in critical infrastructure, but also to show how young and innovative tech enterprises can quickly gain traction to fulfil their potential. Piers’s experience in innovation has equal relevance for large organisations seeking to mitigate new market entrants and how pivot strategies can be successfully applied if the business will is there to empower an entreprenurial culture within the organisation.

Far from merely paying lip-service, Piers has embraced ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) as his North Star for sustainable enterprise and is a passionate proponent of the central role that culture and values has for all organisations. In today’s uber-competitive labour market, nothing trumps the need to recruit and retain the highly capable and motivated individuals who demand leadership from the top in terms of integrity and transparency. The delicate balancing act of how to inspire and build resilient teams has been tested as never before by the pandemic and the revolution currently taking place within the working environment will continue to have enormous implications for organisations slow to evolve.


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