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David Davis

David Davis


The Rt Hon David Davis MP served as Secretary of State for Exiting the EU [DexEU] following the UK Brexit Referendum from the inception of the department until his resignation in July 2018. He quit Theresa May’s government citing his objection to the ‘Chequers’ plan. Speaking with the BBC Davis declared that he was ‘no longer the best person to deliver the Brexit plan’ and that he did not support it.

Originally elected to Parliament in 1987 David Davis was appointed Minister of State for Europe in 1994 during the John Major administration. He subsequently served as Chairman of the Conservative Party and then as Shadow Secretary of State for the Office of Deputy Prime Minister. He stood in election to lead the Conservative Party in 2005 in the party election which brought David Cameron to power within the party.

David Davis had served in the Shadow Cabinet of Michael Howard and served subsequently under David Cameron.

In 2008 David Davis resigned his Parliamentary seat to force a by-election on the issue of civil liberties. He was specifically against the introduction of a UK identity card system and campaigned against what he described as the danger of ‘the database state’.

David Davis is a keynote and conference speaker on governance, civil liberties, the UK and the European Union, and on Brexit and on the Deal or No-Deal conundrum.

He is also, of course, Brexit Bulldog of BBC Radio4’s Dead Ringers.


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