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Brexit Speakers

Brexit Speakers: In the referendum of June 23 2016 voters in the United Kingdom made an historic decision to leave the European Union by a margin of 51.89% to 48.11%. Speakers on the implications and consequences of British withdrawal include writers and specialists on the political, business, financial, economic, banking, trade, legal, and social outcomes of this momentous event. Issues include the influence of the European Research Group [ERG], the ‘backstop’, the Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland border and forthcoming negotiations on a future relationship with the EU. Speakers cast light on implications, risks, and opportunities in the EU27 including Ireland, and on the impact of Brexit outside Europe including in the United States and other non-EU territories.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland left the European Union on 31 January 2020 entering a ‘transition or implementation period’ of eleven months. The EU and the UK are now in talks on their future relationship with Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying on September 8th that ‘the #Brexit deal never made sense and must be rewritten’.

Specialist #Brexit speakers, both in-person and as virtual speakers include supporters of Remain, believers in Leave, and writers and commentators who are merely highly informed observers. After all, even Speaker Bercow is now a speaker.

And now, with the final free trade deal agreed on Christmas Eve 2020 Ursula von der Leyen has declared that ‘it is time to leave Brexit behind’ and Boris Johnson has described the arrangements as ‘a good deal for the whole of Europe’. MPs and peers were recalled on 30 December to ratify the new treaty. Transitional arrangements between the UK and the EU ended at 2300hrs GMT on 31st December 2020.

Andrew Adonis Profile image

Andrew Adonis

Lord Andrew Adonis is a politician and former journalist who held several key roles during the Labour party's time in government.... [more]

Pall Arnason Profile image

Arni Pall Arnason

Arni Pall Arnason - Iceland Minister of Economic Affairs 2010-11, responsible for co-ordination of IMF plan and a process of financial restructuring dealing successfully with unprecedented levels of corporate debt.... [more]

Michael Arthur Profile image

Michael Arthur

Michael Arthur - President of Boeing Europe, and MD, UK and Ireland. A former top diplomat. Led the Maastricht Treaty negotiating team. Ambassador postings included Africa, Paris, Washington, India, Germany and as DG for Europe and Economic issues.... [more]

Alan Beattie Profile image

Alan Beattie

Alan Beattie, senior trade writer at the Financial Times, based in Brussels, speaking on trade and globalisation. ... [more]

Tanya Beckett Profile image

Tanya Beckett

Tanya Beckett - former materials scientist and investment banker -presents BBC World News' Business Live and the business news on Radio 4's Today.... [more]

Minton Beddoes Profile image

Zanny Minton Beddoes

Susan Zanny Minton Beddoes is the seventeenth editor and first female Editor-in-Chief of The Economist in its 170 year history. ... [more]

Graham Bishop Profile image

Graham Bishop

Graham Bishop is a leading technical analyst and architect of economic and structural developments in the financial markets of Europe.... [more]

Phillip Blond Profile image

Phillip Blond

Phillip Blond leads award-winning think-tank ResPublica. Internationally recognised thinker whose work has enormous policy & practical impact across European politics.... [more]

Adam Boulton Profile image

Adam Boulton

Adam Boulton - influential British political broadcaster, worked at Sky News as Political Editor until stepping down in 2014, he now presents Sky News Tonight.... [more]

Andy Bounds Profile image

Andy Bounds

Andy Bounds - Enterprise Editor and North of England correspondent at the Financial Times... [more]

Rory Bremner Profile image

Rory Bremner

Rory Bremner is the safest pairs of hands on the after dinner circuit - a favourite of both corporate clients and the public alike. Britain's sharpest impressionist!... [more]

John Buck Profile image

John Buck

John Buck - former UK Ambassador and an experienced and capable facilitator between business and governments, particularly in the international oil & gas industry.... [more]

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