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Hamish Taylor

Hamish Taylor


Hamish Taylor speaks on business, innovation, and leadership themes. He’s an inspirational speaker and broadcaster whose career has taken him from Procter & Gamble, to PwC, and then on to British Airways as Head of Brands.  He went on to become CEO at Eurostar and then at Sainsbury’s Bank. And all before he was forty years old! He always left a legacy of significant business growth founded on a willingness to challenge business as usual– so much so that his advice and assistance is now sought by organisations around the world . Given his record of transplanting brilliant ideas between industries and businesses the Inspired Leaders Network came to know Hamish as the MasterThief!

Hamish’s vital, energetic, thought provoking, and genuinely funny keynotes are based on that rare combination of real-life experience together with a fantastic ability to inspire audiences with tailored advice and some real practical tools.  Appearing regularly in broadcast media, Hamish today works as an adviser to some of the world’s largest companies and governments assisting with innovation, customer focus and leadership projects.

Hamish Taylor’s keynotes show just how one make major breakthroughs by changing your approach to the problem. In his Customer Promise Hamish explains how to put the customer at the heart of every activity within your business In ‘MasterThief’ the lesson is on driving innovation and change by stealing great ideas from elsewhere. And in ‘Reverse Football’ Hamish tells an audience exactly how you can make sure that you take the entire organisation along with you.


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