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Simon Biltcliffe

Simon Biltcliffe


Simon Founded Webmart, a print management business in 1996, shaping the business around his personal ethos that Marxism and Capitalism together are unbeatable. Sharing profits among employees and ensuring that both customers and suppliers gain as a result of Webmart’s trading activity, Simon has ensured that the company’s success is also shared by the wider community through a charitable trust.

As the company has grown he has kept a strong focus on people development and training and was an early adopter of technology freeing up Webmart staff to develop their relentless focus on customer service. Today the business operates out of a series of wonderfully designed bright yellow buildings and is one of the world leaders in print management.

His talks include:

Lessons from the Yellow Shed of Wonderment – The Webmart Story. – Funky, fun and profitable business – Simon Biltcliffe, CEO of Print Management company Webmart, discusses the importance of originality and creativity, and how his initial investment of £10,000 of his own savings has led to the development of and ultimate annual turnover of more than £30m for Webmart.

The Webmart Way: How to Run a Marxist Business in a Capitalist World. – Simon delivers a potted history of Webmart from its humble beginnings in 1996 to the award winning multi-million-pound enterprise it is today. Focussing on Webmart’s Marxist-capitalist business model and explaining in-depth exactly what that means, how and why it works, and how you can bring some of Webmart’s Yellow Shed of Wonderment back to your own workplace.

Insights from the Edge: Extreme CEO. – From the gruelling heat of the Sahara to the far-flung frozen lakes of the Polar Circle; Simon Biltcliffe has braved several amazing challenges, and raised thousands for charity. Now he shares his insights from the edge: lessons learned from these extreme adventures and how they can be bought into the office environment.

How to differentiate in a commoditised market. – Commoditisation can lead to a race to the bottom. There’s hundreds of examples of where the value’s been squeezed out of an industry – not least the printing industry where a perception that ‘all print’s the same’ has forced the closure of all but the leanest and best printers. Simon Biltcliffe, Founder and CEO of award-winning print management agency Webmart, investigates how only the strong continue to thrive in a massively competitive sector – and how he’s managed to establish a strong brand that sets his agency, and the print they produce, apart from the crowd.

SEXi Business – Emotional, Intellectual and Financial Return. – Webmart’s Senior Executive Incentive Scheme (SEXi for short!) is truly revolutionary. CEO Simon Biltcliffe explains the vital importance of meeting the Emotional, Intellectual and Financial needs of employees, customers and suppliers alike; how true leadership is not just about carrots and sticks, but about trust and transparency from both parties.

Onwards and upwards. – Simon explains how he believes it is possible to survive in the working world while meeting your own Emotional, Intellectual and Financial needs; how to aim high and succeed in your chosen career while staying true to yourself and avoiding turning into a walking business suit.

Reinventing the CEO. – Being seen as the tireless, perennially optimistic leader is a difficult role. We all get exhausted sometimes and we all have challenges. Simon Biltcliffe, Founder and CEO of the award-winning and perpetually successful print management company Webmart, explains how it’s never too late to shape the life you want from the career you’ve built.


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