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Bonita Norris


British mountaineer and adventurer Bonita Norris is the youngest person in the world to have reached both the North Pole and the summit of Mount Everest and the youngest British woman to reach the summit of the world’s highest mountain. She has been on six expeditions to the Himalayas, climbing some of the world’s most challenging peaks including in 2016 her attempt on K2, ‘the world’s deadliest mountain’.

Once an anxious teen with a eating disorder it was the discovery of her passion for climbing that inspired Bonita to completely change her life. Today Bonita’s messages are about gathering marginal gains, learning to push past the point of giving up, and how asking one simple question can revolutionise how we approach the very best and some of the worst challenges in life.

Drawing on her experiences to capture the mental and physical agonies, and the joys, of her incredible feats Bonita imparts the lessons learned by encouraging an audience to harness greater self-belief. Her book The Girl Who Climbed Everest is a very honest exploration of everything Bonita has learnt from climbing.

Bonita Norris is a highly engaging keynote and conference speaker who speaks to business audiences around the world and is also now available for remote and virtual presentations.


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