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Toju Duke


Toju Duke speaker on artificial intelligence, author, and advisor on Responsible AI including diverse and inclusive AI. Until mid-2023, as a Programme Manager at Google, Toju led Responsible AI initiatives for product and research teams there. She is also the founder of Diverse AI, an organisation with a mission to support and champion under-represented groups building a diverse and inclusive AI future.

Toju speaks on issues that are suddenly critical for enterprises creating and using artificial intelligence tools. FDuke_art (1)or publication in September 2023 Building Responsible AI Algorithms by Toju Duke will describe ‘a framework for transparency, fairness privacy and robustness’ in AI. The book guides the reader through process to apply at each stage of the machine learning life cycle, from problem definition to deployment, through to reduction and mitigation of the possible risks and harms of AI technologies. Whilst AI offers the ability to solve many problems today if implemented ethically and responsibly, the framework will help organisations to avoid negative impacts – some of which can cause loss of life – and to develop models that are fair, transparent, safe, secure, and robust.

The book helps the reader to think responsibly while building AI and ML models and guides them through practical steps aimed at delivering responsible ML models, datasets, and products for end users and customers including:

  • Building AI/ML models using Responsible AI frameworks and processes
  • Documenting information on your datasets and improve data quality
  • Measuring fairness metrics in ML models
  • Identifing harms and risks per task and run safety evaluations on ML models
  • Creating transparent AI/ML models
  • Developing Responsible AI principles and organisational guidelines

As a keynote speaker Toju Duke is able to explain these complex issues in an easily understood way to to both expert and non-expert audiences.


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