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Robert Reiner

Robert Reiner


Robert Reiner is Professor for sensory-motor systems at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology, ETH Zurich. There he pursues remarkable research into neuro-prosthetics and has developed robots and interaction methods for motor learning in rehabilitation and in sports. He specialises in human motion synthesis, exo-skeletons, wearable robotics, bio mechanics, virtual reality, human machine interaction and rehabilitation robotics. With more than 400 peer reviewed journal and conference articles and 23 patents to his name he is the industry expert in this pioneering field.

Further acknowledgements include several prizes for his arm therapy robot, ARMin, and, Robert has been awarded the Human Tech Innovation Prize and the Swiss Technology Award. He was also awarded the IEEE TNSRE Best Paper award in 2010 and the euRobotics Technology Transfer Awards in 2011 and 2012. These reward and signal the process of converting scientific findings from research laboratories into innovative, marketable, products, processes and services.

Robert Reiner has so many successful innovative concepts to share with audiences. He is creator of the Myosuit, an assistive device supporting people with muscle weakness such as spinal cord injury or stroke. The suit holds the body upright working against gravity to allowing walking and even ascending and descending stairs. Robert is at the forefront of these life-changing technologies.

In order to showcase and challenge the industry on the exciting technological advancements in his field Robert Reiner has now founded the first ever Olympics for augmented people – The Cybathlon. The first event saw 65 teams from across the world armed with robotic exoskeletons, electronic prostheses, powered wheelchairs, and other assistive technologies compete in 6 different disciplines. Cybathlon has put research and development at the centre of competition, creating an event with a competitive edge that showcases just some of what pioneering technology and innovation will be capable of in the near future.


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