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Dan Davies

Dan Davies


Dan Davies is the author of Lying For Money, a study of commercial fraud and its importance to the global economy published by Profile Books. He works as Head of Research for Frontline Analysts, the financial outsourcing firm and provides consulting and idea generation services to a small group of investment bank and hedge fund clients. He also publishes the occasional geopolitical newsletter Predicto, in which he forecast accurately forecast the development of the 2015 Greek crisis as well as the size, shape and narrow margin of Donald Trump’s Presidential victory, and edits the Mediobanca Regulatory Observatory, providing detailed weekly research on European banking.

Dan Davies - Lying for Money book coverAs an economist at the Bank of England, he attended some of the most interesting meetings of the 1990s, including the collapse of Barings, the Mexico Crisis and the rescue of Long Term Capital Management. He then spent ten years working through the minor divisions of British stockbroking, arriving at Credit Suisse in 2007, just in time to watch the global banking industry collapse, with a front seat view.

He was a key member of the CS and Exane BNP Paribas research teams which won the Institutional Investor All-Europe Research polls on three occasions and developed a strong reputation in the market as one of the few people in the City who could make reading about financial regulation bearable.

Dan Davies - The Secret Life of Money book coverDan now comments on financial and markets developments for publications including the FT and New Yorker and provides jaundiced views on the foibles of the investment banking industry to readers of eFinancialcareers.com. He is a familiar voice on Finance Twitter and appears in “Top Markets Tweeter” lists.

Dan Davies speaks on financial and economic crises (particularly when one is going on), financial crimes and regulations, and general topics on the near term future of the economic and political world.


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