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Anne Lise Kjaer

Anne Lise Kjaer


The leading global futurist Anne Lise Kjaer’s exceptional eye for social trends is matched by an original and inspiring way of translating fledgling concepts into commercial business propositions.

She is a popular and charismatic speaker – with regular conference engagements throughout Europe, Scandinavia and North America. Her audiences range from today’s leading executives to tomorrow’s brand developers. Kjaer’s insight into every area of futures – from food to fashion, cars and electronics to the next big thing in retail – has given her a worldwide client base and a unique ability to engage and inspire her audiences. ‘The future is not some place we go but one we create,’ she says.

Kjaer Global

Kjaer’s 100+ international clients are an A-Z of world-leaders including Nokia, IKEA, Masterfoods, Sony, Unilever and Toyota. Her speciality is bridging the creative and intellectual process, shaping the strategies and core concepts that drive the businesses and brands of the future. She delivers an intelligent and inspiring outlook on the future.

This unique world vision was defined by Matthew Temple in the Financial Times thus: ‘as fertile as Dali’s only she creates social prototypes… based on nascent trends.’ But Kjaer’s real talent is to create clarity out of the many and complex micro trends that threaten to overwhelm and confuse us. By defining future consumers, she breathes life and inspiration into the serious business of designing and marketing in the 21st century.

Her pan-European career began in the trends forecasting business – via her native Denmark, Paris and Hamburg – and led eventually to London where Kjaer global’s unique philosophy was further developed. Using holistic principles, by combining scientific with social, emotional and spiritual research, the company builds up a complete multidimensional picture of the next generation of consumers – and their must-have products and services. ‘Our methodology is complex and many-layered, but the core philosophy is simple – by logic we prove, by intuition we discover,’ says Kjaer.

‘We are surrounded by conflicting trends, yet so many of them will fall by the wayside. So the key – as never before – is to view the future consumer not as mere end user, but as a dynamic part of your business growth,’ says Kjaer. ‘If the challenge is to create clarity out of complexity, then that means getting to know – and identify with – your consumers. Only then can you understand what they will want from you.’


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