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David Henig speaker

David Henig


David Henig: expert on trade and policy issues arising from Brexit and the UK’s new relationship with the EU.

David is the UK Director at the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) and a leading expert and writer on Brexit negotiations and the trade policy issues arising from Brexit.

He draws extensively on the experience of three years involvement with US and EU on the ambitious Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership talks, where he worked with negotiators on both sides, particularly on regulatory issues, at one point becoming a formal intermediary. After the UK Brexit referendum vote in 2016 he helped establish the new UK Department for International Trade, joining many of the UK’s first working groups with non-EU countries and developing options for UK trade with the USA. David established the new UK Department for International Trade in 2016, developing options for UK trade with the USA and non-EU countries.

He has also been closely involved in different aspects of investment policy, the international trading-rules system, and UK/EU business policy towards China.

In 2017 he co-founded the UK Trade Forum, which brings together UK trade policy experts to debate and analyse the complex and far-reaching trade issues that Brexit in one version or another creates.
David Henig speaks frankly and with huge authority about the ‘inner’ Brexit negotiations and what they mean for businesses and different sectors of the UK economy.

“The first step in the process would be honesty, to say that we can’t have everything we want … then we somehow have to discuss the real trade-offs.”

David graduated from Oxford University and started his career in consulting and business development with Capgemini and Serco before joining the UK Civil Service as a trade expert. David Henig is a brilliantly informed conference and keynote speaker on trade, trade policy, Brexit, and the future of relationships between Europe and both China and the ASEAN nations.


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