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Andy Green

Andy Green


We don’t need a ‘new normal’ says Andy Green. We need to make it easier for anyone to kickstart their change for a new normal in their own world. Andy Green celebrates ‘practical purposefulness’. He shares a new roadmap and toolkit to enable anyone to create their own waves of change in the post-Covid-19 era.

Andy is a founder of the Dublin Conversations with the goal of transforming and calling for a radically new approach to purpose. He converts the humble conversation into purposeful conversations – an engine for shaping a more purposeful, post-pandemic world – from the bottom up. Andy makes an inspiring call to action – plus provides the easy-to-do first steps – to enable anyone go forward with greater confidence, capability, and purpose.

He provides pioneering practical tools to guard against ‘Purposewash’ – where people, brands and leaders mislead or exploit through insincere claims about being ‘purpose-driven’.

Andy Green lives and breathes transformative communications, generating creativity, storytelling and social capital – even harnessing your pessimism! He breaks down barriers to transformational change to enable your people and your teams to make the most of their potential and their situations, to understand customers and human behaviour better and to use personality and authenticity to build better customer relationships.

The author of seven books on creativity, brand storytelling and social capital – translated into eight languages, Andy practices what he preaches, making use of everyday items and activities to provide the springboard for new ways of thinking and doing. Just like Andy’s creativity and creative mindfulness classes run on board the London Underground!

In 2004 Andy created the Blue Monday meme – demonstrating how you can turn what he claims to be most the depressing day of the year into a positive opportunity. And that was before we had hashtags. So let’s tag it – #BlueMonday

Andy Green’s  sessions are fun, high energy and provide easy-to-use tools and techniques to transfer to the workplace. He demonstrates how you are never more than twelve feet from an opportunity and how you can super-charge your opportunity-spotting radar. He helps build confidence at work, capacity and capability to make creativity happen in the real world.

As a speaker and presenter Andy has delivered outstanding conference presentations around the world, from Austria to Australia, for major blue chip including, amongst many others, British Airways, BMW, and Microsoft. And is available for in-person appearances and remote webcast engagements.


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