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Geoff Burch

Geoff Burch


A phenomenon who has delighted audiences throughout Britain and abroad, Geoff Burch is an extraordinary speaker, whose hilarious outlook on all manner of business topics has made him one of  the most prolific of speakers in the market.

He is the author of one of the most famous business books ever written,Resistance is Useless, the Art of Business Persuasion, which was published in 65 countries following its success in the USA. McKinseys has referred to it as a benchmark for business thinking.

His unconventional image and extensive humour have allowed him platforms on both the corporate and stand-up comedy stages. He has worked extensively with clients such as BT, Barclays, Lloyds, the CBI, Consumers’ Association, Prudential, Phillips and ABTA to present, motivate, and train.

Irresistible Persuasion is Geoff’s latest bestseller. It explores how getting your own way isn’t easy because the vast majority of people haven’t a clue what they’re looking for. In it Burch reveals that this is the key to truly persuasive power. The book teaches readers to sideline resistance and to get inside the other party’s brain in order to win negotiations. Just like a Geoff Burch presentation it’s packed with techniques and explanations of tried and tested methods.

Geoff’s bestselling The Way of The Dog, published by Wiley, investigates the phenomenon of the most unstable staff being the key to inevitable success for change embracing organisations.

His hit BBC2 series All Over The Shop focused on retail businesses and how to improve by cutting costs and increasing sales and turnover. His humorous style and easily explained advice worked well and has created a cult following.

The son of a Viennese psychiatrist, Geoff Burch has a wealth of experience in illustrating the thinking required to make our customers love us!   Equally at ease speaking at a conference as he is after dinner, it is our belief that every company could benefit from his entertaining style and compelling message.

His style is relaxed and fun, his observations are unique and his impact on an audience is amazing. You could fill a room with a cross-section of people from a part-time cleaner to a CEO of an international company and everybody would come away with new ideas. His power to make any organisation believe in itself and to establish and maintain the motivation to succeed is central to his presentation.

Geoff ‘s subjects include ‘FAST’ companies, customer relationships, change, people motivation, sales, working together, empowerment and how everyone can deliver the vision.


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