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Mirka Skrzypczak - blockchain crypto speaker - agent photo

Mirka Skrzypczak


Mirka Skrzypczak is a world authority on the use of blockchain in the banking sector and in trade finance.

Day to day Mirka is Head of Working Capital and Trade Products at NatWest in London where she manages much of the remarkable digital innovation that is currently completely transforming the bank. The role demands of her to be much more than just a strategist and product specialist. Mirka understands and explains the latest technologies and their possible roles in the business of the future. She advises on the behavioural patterns of consumers right down to app-based games that newer customers play – and their likely application to a revolutionary gamification of banking services.

At Royal Bank of Scotland Mirka served as Head of Open Account Product where she was responsible for the end to end management of the working capital product suite including supply chain finance, commercial overdrafts, invoice finance, and asset based lending. Throughout her career Mirka has had to be able to shift her mind-set and learn in accordance with an ever changing market and today’s fast-moving customer expectations. This is the product of a customer obsessed mind-set and a tenacious curiosity.

As an economist Mirka Skrzypczak understands that economic equation stays open and is always expanding, adding new variables all the time. As a practical technologist she can explain the possibilities in our complex future by virtue of her application of new technologies today.

Mirka Skrzypczak is an industry trailblazer in the blockchain space – she dares anyone to debate with her on that topic!


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