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Lars Hamberg

Lars Hamberg


Lars Hamberg is a financial industry expert and the founder of several game-changer businesses in financial services. Lars has become a frequent speaker on New Thinking and Innovation in Financial Services in various forums and has over 20 years experience having held senior positions within UBS and ABN AMRO, including head of research. His academic record includes language studies, a LLM degree from Stockholm University and PhD studies at LTU. Lars has written a book on counter-party risk in OTC-derivatives trading, he has been arbiter at the SCC Arbitration Institute and after the Icelandic crisis he was responsible for restructuring Glitnir AB, as CEO.

Lars expertise includes New Business Trends, New Thinking and Innovation in Financial Services Industry and in Banking: Digital Transformation, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Distribution Models, New Technology & FinTech.

KEY TOPIC: Growth Hacking in Asset Management – AI and Advanced Analytics in Production, Selection, Marketing and Distribution of Wealth Products

The biggest challenge for any organisation is the higher rate of technology-driven change. AI and Advanced Analytics are rapidly changing the way we think about value creation in asset management, across the entire value chain, from production to distribution. What are the most important tech-driven trends in the asset management industry, what are the uses of AI and advanced analytics in investment strategy, alpha-creation, manager selection, marketing, distribution, and in online asset gathering? What is the impact on the competitive landscape? How can the industry adapt to the ongoing shift?


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