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Rory Sutherland


Rory Sutherland is about brand, behaviour, leadership, and innovation.

Rory is Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather in the UK. This is ‘an attractively vague job title which has allowed him to co-found a behavioral science practice within the agency’ he says. Rory is Executive Creative Director of OgilvyOne, and he’s a leader and practitioner – in marketing and in digital.

Aside from being co-founder of the Behavioural Sciences Practice within O&M, he’s an all-round brilliant performer and informer, and he’s The Spectator magazine’s Wikiman – every week. He is expert in brand, the concept and practice of nudge, and in behavioural psychology. Rory’s twitter account describes him as the ‘Fat Bloke at Ogilvy’. A lot of pioneering work in the behavioural world was developed by the partnership of Rory Sutherland and Mark Earls, another legendary thinker in the field. Alchemy by Rory SutherlandIn 2018 Rory published Alchemy: The Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life to a superb reception. In 2019 he followed up with Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas That Don’t Make Sense. Nassim Taleb said of it ‘a breakthrough book. Wonderfully applicable to everything in life, and funny as hell’.

Rory is a creator of Nudgestock, the annual festival of the behavioral sciences, which in 2020 went virtual. Rory Sutherland is a thinker who helps businesses understand creative thought, innovation, and the future and is genuinely a very much sought after speaker. For many years Rory has expounded the benefits of remote working, the digital revolution, and Working From Home.

Rory spoke to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations National Conference sponsored by Specialist Speakers on November 10th 2020 answering the question What is this new world?  Virtually, of course.

Nudgestock 2021 took place virtually on 11 June and will feature names as luminous as Daniel Kahneman and Dan Ariely, Ruby Wax, John Cleese, Rory himself and many many more. Full line-up right here:

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