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Jonathon Porritt


Jonathan Porritt has been dedicated to the environment since 1974. He served as Director of Friends of the Earth until 1991, just before the Rio Earth summit of ’92, an event he describes as ‘life-changing’.

Whilst Jonathan was Policy Director of the Ecology Party he wrote and published the landmark Seeing Green: Politics of Ecology Explained. The book has been described as prophetic and predicted, even before the development of the World Wide Web, the development of an ‘information-rich but knowledge-poor’ society.

In 1994 Jonathon established the Forum for the Future with Paul Ekins and Sara Parkin. The non-profit charity works together today with government, business, and civil society to accelerate movement toward a truly sustainable future. From 2000 to 2009 Jonathan was Chair of the Sustainable Development Commission in the United Kingdom.

His book The World We Made was published in 2013, following Capitalism As If The World Matters, Globalism & Regionalism, and Living Within Our Means.

Jonathan Porritt speaks on climate change, how we can decarbonise our future, how we can build a sustainable economy, and on the many challenges brought about by population growth.


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