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Denis MacShane

Dr Denis MacShane


Brexiternity, The Uncertain Fate of Britain – the latest book by Denis MacShane attempts to explain how the on-going Brexit process will be long, drawn-out, and full of tough challenges. Denis argues that on current scenarios the UK will be negotiating Brexit with the EU well into the 2020s and that Brexit will dominate British political and business life for years to come, and that business needs to be ready.

Denis is an amazingly well-informed speaker who delivers unique insights into the Brexit crisis gripping British politics and business three years after the referendum voted to leave the EU. Unlike many British “experts” on Brexit, Denis MacShane knows Brexit from a European perspective as a personal friend of the chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, and with a network of colleagues in politics and ministries in the EU 27 capitals.

Although he voted Remain he has many Leave friends and in his talks he does not grind away about the result but try to explain what is going on and what is likely to happen. He is the UK’s former Minister for Europe and a Labour MP for 18 years. He still skies in the UK parliamentary ski team in its annual race against Swiss politicians in Davos each January and in the summer plays tennis twice a week with MPs.

He stays in close touch with ministers and opposition MPs and is a regular participant in UK political conferences on Brexit. He speaks French, German and Spanish and is regularly invited to speak at business weekends, and seminars on the UK and Europe.

In January 2015 his book Brexit: How Britain Will Leave Europe predicted the Brexit referendum result. In July 2017 he published Brexit, No Exit. Why Britain (in the End) Won’t Leave Europe. It argued that Brexit can take many forms from a political exit but still keeping access to the Single Market in the manner of Norway or the full amputational Brexit – the so-called No Deal Crash Out Brexit advocated by passionate pro-Brexit politicians.

He writes two or three times a week for different media outlets here and in Europe on Brexit and broadcasts regularly on BBC, LBC, Talk Radio and European t.v. and radio stations.
Denis blends anecdotes, arguments he picks up from Europe and assessments based on conversations with UK politicians to provide information not in the public media on where Brexit is heading. He is available to give speeches, take part in panel dicussions, moderate seminars, or provide personal briefings for Chief Executives, boards, or senior management on the unfolding of the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

MacShane can bring to life these complex and difficult discussions and spell out what they mean for your firm or organisation. He is well-known as a fluent and witty speaker regularly addressing delegates at conferences, at panel discussions or speaking at literary events.


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